UPDATE: shawn outen isn’t a work of art (due to miscommunication)?

in life,
we can have misunderstandings that can lead to conflict.
imagine folks who aren’t speaking to us over a small issue that needed a conversation.
as the audience watching on the sidelines,
it can lead us to pick sides.
as a blogger,
i try to stay in the middle lane while giving an honest opinion.
one of the foxholers sent in a foxmail about model and artist,
shawn outen.
shawn allegedly scammed the foxholer out of art he requested.
( x see that entry here )
shawn contacted me recently and provided his side to this misunderstanding

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my vhs tape keeps glitching (art)

if you haven’t noticed,
i express myself through art.
you know what i love?

When a song(s) and videos are presented one way,
but there is a whole different meaning behind it.

that makes me so aroused.
you know i love an era.

for the last couple of weeks,
things have been really weird in my life.
i made this video today

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shawn outen isn’t a work of art?

it’s one thing to get scammed off onlyfans.
you pay under 20 dollars and don’t get the goods.
don’t you hate when they ask you to pay more money for nudes/sex tapes?
isn’t that what i’m paying for now subscribing to you onlyfans?
one of the foxholers sent me a foxmail about shawn outen.
he was allegedly scammed out of money from art work from shawn.

this is how the conversation started

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antonio brown told them to suck his cockiness and lick his persuasion


Antonio Brown created art for me

i know he was a bit of a drama baller wolf with his antics with the raiders,
but the roll out of how he played chess was pretty interesting to me.
you know i love the dramatics of it all.
good dramatics tho.
as much as it looked like antonio was on the way out,
i liked how he rolled out these videos on his “youtube”…

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If You Stop Fuckin With R. Kelly, You Got Others To Cancel Too

“yo i got that shit.”

that is what my high school wolf friend said to me over the phone.
i never saw the alleged video,
but i was curious.
i wanted to know if it was really r. kelly.

“bump n grind” r .kelly
“feelin on your booty” r .kelly
“put his music on so we can fuck” r. kelly
“i was in lust with his bottom lip” r .kelly

i couldn’t believe it.
at that time,
there was no internet or “black twitter”.
it was word of mouth or your own experience.
so he bought it over and…

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