antonio brown told them to suck his cockiness and lick his persuasion


Antonio Brown created art for me

i know he was a bit of a drama baller wolf with his antics with the raiders,
but the roll out of how he played chess was pretty interesting to me.
you know i love the dramatics of it all.
good dramatics tho.
as much as it looked like antonio was on the way out,
i liked how he rolled out these videos on his “youtube”…


his bawdy >
the creative in me got so horny.

i loved how he used his platforms to speak about the situation too:


whoever is on his team really knocked this out the park.
he utilized his social media to showcase his brand.
i have no doubt he already knew he was going to the patriots.
he wanted to give us some drama before it was announced.
antonio knows his worth and that confidence proceeds itself.
i was judgmental about his actions,
but in the end,
he collected the bag and kept it moving.
let’s hope he brings this same energy to his new team.
if he fucks this up,
he’ll really be outta here.
folks have chosen for him to play “the villain” in this latest saga…

I doubt he really cares tho.

lowkey: his type of cockiness turns me on.
don’t judge me.
i’ve always followed him on social media.
his worth ethic is pretty amazing too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “antonio brown told them to suck his cockiness and lick his persuasion”

  1. I’d love to lick this chocolate jello pop but I hate he left 29 million behind rich fine and hot a body but his happiness over rules the bullshit and them white owners I hate that word tho really use them as a money cow and really dont respect these brothers at all

  2. Thank you for featuring this. I was watching the game when it was announced of his departure. The Media was speaking negatively of him and I knew there was another side. ( Smile)

  3. He’s an idiot. The Steelers would never say everything this lunatic put them through. There is something mentally wrong with him. He needs his brain checked. Anyone who gave up that amount of guaranteed money and contract in that manner has to be on the verge of something. CTE from the concussion? No one has chosen him to be the bad guy. He chose that role. He has lost respect from everyone. Talent can get you in the door, but its going to take more than that to stay. He’s going to eff’ this up too. Patriots don’t take that ego- ish from anyone.

  4. I think he’s so beautiful. He also seems like a hot mess, but I hope things work out for him, because these Yt owners are showing themselves to be complete racist asses, like they aren’t even trying to hide that they’re running plantations. Get your bag and then retire to protect that brain and body, AB. I seriously could look at him all day long.

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