they are raping gay males in a new way these days (smh)

the whole story is a wtf.
so the following is for the foxes and hybrids out there.

Watch out with the type of lube someone uses on you

you read right.
it’s not the lube itself,
but the drug being used in the lube for the hyenas to rape you with.
a foxholer sent me this story from “buzzfeed news” and well…

Gay men are being drugged without their knowledge using GHB put into lubricant in order to rape and sexually assault them, BuzzFeed News and Channel 4’s Dispatches can reveal.

In a documentary to be broadcast on Sunday night, Stephen Morris, who runs the only specialist unit in the Prison and Probation Service for offenders who commit crimes amid chemsex situations, warns: “One of the most recent developments is that GHB can be administered within lubricant.”

The criminal technique involves drugging victims by injecting the mixture anally, causing the chemical to be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream, therefore triggering a more immediate or heightened effect.

Morris’s warning comes in a BuzzFeed News–Dispatches documentary called Sex, Drugs and Murder, which reveals how GHB is being weaponised by rapists and murderers, and maps the abuse, addiction, and deaths it has caused among gay men.

One victim, who responded to a survey conducted for the documentary, said he had been unknowingly overdosed on the drug through lubricant and later was sent photographs of the two men raping him. His account was one of dozens of survey respondents’ who also reported being drugged with GHB through lubricant.


they just don’t want us to enjoy sex anymore,
don’t they?
that is crazy af!
it amazes me what folks do to violate others.
now you gotta watch who you bring to your crib,
screen who you meet on sex sites,
wear condoms,
and now…

Supply your own lube before penetration as well

you’d think that was something minor to have to worry about?
it’s like,
your hand is the best option these days.
these jackals and hyenas are ruining shit for everyone.

read the entire article: buzzfeed

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “they are raping gay males in a new way these days (smh)”

  1. Welp, I’m clocking out. I was about to apply for my hoe card too.

    I know Black gays into that mess. It’s super scary. Not on my watch bih! They could use this for More ways to be evil.

  2. Use Your Own Lube And Supply Your Own Condoms. Please Don’t Rely On Random Hookups To Supply These.Your Safety Is In Your Hands.

  3. If a person wants to get to you, they will get you. There is really no defense out there that will protect you from all types of harm. That may sound defeatist, but it’s the harsh truth. Even in the pursuit of developing a loving relationship, everyone starts at ground zero. And ground zero is where the attack can occur. Hopes and prayers may be the only things that will protect you in the end, and I truly doubt those will help you at all. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s only because it just hasn’t happened to you. Be safe as possible out there in these forests.

  4. People just choose not to have mutually beneficial sex like damn whatever happened to chemistry & just enjoying yourselves naturally.

  5. Ain’t no one getting this but bae & I would suggest folks continue to have sex & do what they do but get to know who you’re messing with.

    You automatically take a risk with a hookup regardless if you use a condom since condoms in itself are not 100% effective. Simple thing is to get to know who you’re messing with.

    If you’re gonna thot about, make sure it’s with a very selective circling of people you’ve known for a while.

    “I just don’t understand why supposed “straight” keeping creating new ways to attack, sexually assault, and rape gay men.”.

    Because they are insane. There are gay serial killers, blackmailers and rapist out there as well. Serial Killers come in all genders, races and sexual orientations. Whatever. They exist.

    It’s more about predator & prey….cat & mouse. I said this in a post a long time ago. You could be walking past a serial killer at anytime of the day & not even know it. I had a college course with a serial killer and he was just as quiet and cute as can be…Dressed well and had a Southern boy smile that could melt your heart. I had a huge crush on him.

    And He’ll your murder ass in cold blood without any remorse.

    1. ^im only fuckin those in familiar with.
      sex with strangers is way too risky in 2019.
      you don’t know who is lurking behind these screen names.

      way too much evil now especially with that orange demon in the white house.
      he has a legion of hate behind him.

  6. Well I am glad I only ever bring my own lube way. My hole has aquired taste, and any old lube won’t do.

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