isaiah washington compares crack use to being a black democrat

isaiah washington loves to lose.
when i use to watch “grey’s anatomy“,
i really enjoyed his character’s story.
it wasn’t until he was fired for being an alleged div-o and doing this:

there is a way to do damage control.
THAT was not the way.
after that,
his career took a nose dive and he was banished to God knows what.
in 2019,
he has come out to be a proud trump supporter.
this was his interview with “nuff said” on “fox nation“,
where he spoke about walking away from the democratic party:

since then,
his twitter has started to reflect his new found life.
his tweet about comparing black democrats to crackheads tho…

what in the world?
i’m so embarrassed for him.

i’ve noticed that every time someone of color admits they support trump,
it seems to bring out the insecurities within themselves.

“I voted for Trump and I know everyone won’t be okay with that,
but I’m gonna start fighting everyone and being overly defensive!”

…yet making the stupidest excuses for how he’s running this country.
this was isaiah’s response to criticism over his crackhead tweet:

really mature there.
that’s stan culture for ya.

i can already tell isaiah is gonna beeven more insufferable now.
we are in for a show.

15 thoughts on “isaiah washington compares crack use to being a black democrat

  1. Isaiah is one of them good looking dudes that should just act and not talk. Dont say anything beyond your given script.

  2. He’s been bitter since buttermilk! Someone should officially turn him out and make him a bona fide bottom! πŸ˜‚

  3. Okay, okay I’m reading these comments- Trump and all Republicans are bad bad bad, but Democrats love EVERYBODY, Democrats are not racist, they never discriminate, they never lie, those Democrats in the House and Senate are all broke down, poor and needy just like us. They totally understand Black people. I’m Black, therefore, according to you, I absolutely must be a Democrat in order to be accepted and respected by other Black people. So then tell me who to vote for in 2020- Buttigieg, Yang, Klobuchar, Castro, Steyer, Warren, Harris, Sanders, Booker, O’Rourke or Biden?

    1. I don’t actually think anyone said that democrats are somehow perfect. In fact I think most people’s responses were “democrats aren’t perfect however…” It’s also, really unfair that black people are subjected to the implied narrative that we vote blue only because we are told as if we are some kind of hive mind. In fact every time someone tries to challenge why a black person votes for the Democratic party it defaults to that same narrative. Black people are allowed to vote for their own self interests without it being implied that we are ignorant or we’re falling into “identity politics”.

      And furthermore, the reason people constantly question black republicans is because, they have difficulty understanding why they support policies that negatively target or impact black individuals. Oh, and we’re in the democratic primaries and in the process of narrowing down which candidate should represent us in 2020 and if you want to be a part of that maybe you should do some research and see which candidate YOU want to support.

  4. The Democratic party has not been perfect, far from it, but it baffles me when black Republicans nit pick the Democratic party but give the Republicans a pass. Black conservatives are the first to criticize Obama for failing to advance the black community, but they won’t criticize the Republicans for being worse for the black community.

    1. Exactly. I’m always open to new ideas but, I still have yet to hear any good reason why anyone who isn’t top 5-10% tax bracket votes Republican? And if you’re minority and care about how racism, homophobia, xenophobia might affect you? I have never heard them propose any solutions that aren’t inherently racist, homophobic, or xenophobic themselves.

      They aren’t very good at convincing people why they’re on the “right” side of the fence! (pun intended).

      As OP said, Dems may have a host of problems, but why aren’t black Republicans holding that party to the same standard?

      I’m still waiting to hear a convincing argument as to why voting republican is a better option or dare I say it, an objectively good thing for those who are: black(not White)/gay(Not straight)/muslim (not Catholic Christian), female. etc. How and in what way does it benefit those communities? And why is it acceptable for Republicans to not deliver on their promises and not Dems? Let’s hold everyone to the same standards!

  5. His politics isn’t the most egregious offense for me. It’s his virulent anti gay language that still tarnishes his image with me and cripples his ability to work in Hollywood. And apparently he enjoys using hyperbolic language when referring to Blacks in the political landscape. Seems he’s learned nothing.

    F**CK this dude!

  6. You ever notice that most celebrities who support this asshole are Washed Up Acts who careers will never be revived so they start supporting this clown trying to get a little bit of relevancy. Poor Isiah is basically broke and pandering knowing that racist love nothing more than a Black person who disavows their race and make white racist feel good like they haven’t caused any destruction. He should look at Stacey Dash and how after they used her they threw her away. He will be no different. Oh well he was already on the road to nowhere but I guess he has to find a way to pay his bills.

    1. ^and where is stacey dash now?

      remember when she took that picture outside the white house gates on some β€œhey prez, i’m here!” shit?
      she is still outside them gates,
      but with the rest of black america.

      1. she is still outside them gates,
        but with the rest of black america.

        I’m too through with you.

    2. I believe Trump is paying social media influencers (I.e. popular Instagram and YouTube people) as well.

      I just know it’s going to come out some day how many people were being compensated to promote Trump.

  7. I’m sorry but Isaiah Washington is a clown. Years ago, when he blew up his career himself, I tried to listen to his side of the story, but he has refused to own it, and now he is doing the tired and tried stunt of running right into the arms of Yt people who willing to use him, and he’s too stupid to see it.

    The Democrats aren’t perfect. They have lots of problems. Hell, even Black Democratic politicians can be a problem to the development and advancement of Black America. But they are qualitatively and quantitatively better compared to the Republicans, and over the last 50 years in particular, history has borne this out again and again.

    The GOP is openly racist, sexist and homophobic, and doesn’t even try to hide it. They blew up the US economy in 2007-8, wiping out 1/2 of the value of Black households’ wealth, and never looked back. The GOP has become the Yt people’s party in the US, and if any Black person thinks they’re about anything other than making America Yt Again (which it never was), just look at how the GOP has treated non-Yt Republicans like Mia Love, Will Hurd, Justin Amash, and others.

    Isaiah Washington is now backing an overtly racist, sexist, narcissistic, unspeakable corrupt, treasonous, pathologically lying monster who is bringing the US and globe to their knees, and when the economic crisis begins, I hope it’s, like all of 45’s failures, corruption, disasters, all of it, are smeared all over Isaiah Washington’s face.

    1. ^110%

      it baffles me when black folks shuck and jive for this president with have currently.
      he has never been for black america.
      like you fonted,
      isaiah is a clown and there is gonna be no bouncing back after this.

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