UPDATE: shawn outen isn’t a work of art (due to miscommunication)?

in life,
we can have misunderstandings that can lead to conflict.
imagine folks who aren’t speaking to us over a small issue that needed a conversation.
as the audience watching on the sidelines,
it can lead us to pick sides.
as a blogger,
i try to stay in the middle lane while giving an honest opinion.
one of the foxholers sent in a foxmail about model and artist,
shawn outen.
shawn allegedly scammed the foxholer out of art he requested.
( x see that entry here )
shawn contacted me recently and provided his side to this misunderstanding

Hey how’s it going?

Recently I kept receiving links to your website about this particular article. Involving a client I had some miscommunication with.

I rock with the site and actually think it’s a way to inform your viewers, so I’m not here to knock it at all. Although, it would’ve been awesome if that person told you that they received a full refund and the artwork was actually finished.

As I’m pretty sure we all do. I was going through a very low point in my life. Which I plan on discussing, openly, but honestly I have yet to totally heal from.

My business is LLC’d and since last year, I’ve hired a team to help out with the day to day operations and to lessen the workload.

Nonetheless, it took me a while to get them their work. I won’t make an excuse for that. But it was never my intention to scam them nor make them feel as such.

Attached is me sending them their refund (last year2020) I also included a screen recording of the messages sent to show that they weren’t edited.

i think by the time this was resolved,
my reader was over it.
the art is absolutely beautiful tho.
so here are my thoughts:

If I need to order 10 cases of Fleet from Amazon,
to have an all-weekend fuck fest with a baller wolf,
I don’t need to know Jeff Bezos is having a week-long depression and stopped the shipping.

I worked a 40 plus overtime at my job,
but because my boss is having a meltdown over her wedding planning,
she doesn’t pay me this week because she didn’t feel up to approving my timesheet for payroll.

Issa Rae had a movie that bombed at the box office and because of her depression,
she decided to stop filming this last season of “Insecure” so she can recover emotionally.

StockX isn’t processing orders on sneakers because the owner is taking a week off to mourn a dead cat.

…you see where i’m going with this.
when you are running a business,
your personal issues mean nothing to paying customers/employees/or clients.
if you are dealing with issues that may effect your business:

Don’t do any business until you’re straight.

…and have open communication.
here is something to think about:

You don’t know if that customer is Oprah’s assistant/cousin/nephew/hidden son.
That art was actually for Oprah and she was gonna display it on her social media,
which was lead to even more business.

you never know “who is who” and “who knows who“.
beyonce and rihanna love promoting small black businesses out there.
their assistants do the scouting a majority of the time.
don’t fumble the bag!
i hope this helped shawn or anyone reading!

check out shawn’s work: shawn outen
support black businesses!

oh and shawn…

















…tell brittany outen to watch her font in my comments,
the last thing YOU need is some raggamuffin spewing threats and making you look worst to the audience.
tell her to keep that same energy with her government officials and all black lives matter.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: shawn outen isn’t a work of art (due to miscommunication)?”

  1. Not a read and a drag all in one post 😂 I agree that he handled that very poorly as a business owner and I hope he learns from this. We have to be held accountable for our actions and take responsibility for them which it looks like he has. Now to what’s most important, he got an only fans? He looking like a snack that I’ve never heard of.

  2. I would never expect his name to be mentioned on this website. As someone who follows him I am shookeT!

    This is not a good look and I’m disappointed in his unprofessionalism.

    Also, Only Fans?! Whoa! This is a lot to unpack.
    Whew chile, I wasn’t ready for none of this.

  3. Nah it’s not a lot to “unpack”. It’s not that deep. Dude is just trying to get to the bag just like everyone else. Point blank period.

    I’m just going to say this… dude is A1. He’s a great friend, never cheated me or the homies, it’s sometimes too damn nice & too humble with mf’s. I tell him all the time. But as long as I’ve known him.. he’s chill, focused, always striving to be better so I don’t appreciate the slander for real.

    I get he may have not handled that situation with that customer in the most efficient way but Jeff Bezos stuff was out of pocket. He’s literally one person with the help here and there running a paint business. Back then it was just him, so if he was going through something, then everything got put on hold.

    But as one of the homies… I lie to you not. The man was going through some very traumatic bs. I wish he didn’t have to, otherwise this whole “story” would be irrelevant. Bc the mf would’ve gotten his stuff on time.

    But like I said… which I can’t mention here out of respect for him & the family.. the dude was going through some dark times. I wish y’all could understand but maybe one day he’ll shed light on the situation.

    But some shit like that… I see why he just keeps it to himself. Bc ppl would take your pain and run with it on the internet these days.

    At the end of the day. The man keeps to himself. Ain’t out here wilding. Not out here doing the shit he used to do to ppl that tried to play him or disrespect him. The guy has grown up a lot. I commend him bc the shit he had to go through during that time… I’d be locked tf up rn.

    My apologies if I come off a bit abrupt but that’s my dawg. So I hope you and the others understand my frustrations.

    In the end we are all human trying to figure things out. Trying to keep pushing despite the daily bs we all go through.

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