accountability | may 24th – 31st

i’m late on this,
but i didn’t post yesterday since i took a day off.


FINALLY got a hold of unemployment.
i needed to verify my ID which is why my benefits were on hold.
sidebar: no emails or messages from them about that.

sidebar: been waiting since february to get through and this was the reason.
so i verified my ID and playing another round of the waiting game.


thinking of star fox really had me in a bad place mentally tbh.
i was really mourning for him a lot stronger than in other years.
i’ve been really open spiritually these days so that could be a reason too.

i can’t seem to think optimistic about unemployment releasing the funds.
the operator said that verification was the hold-up,
but i’ve been getting hella disappointments so i’m struggling to think positively.

i had light plans this weekend to at least have some fun,
but the weather was a wash.
everything got canceled and folks didn’t come through.
it might have been for the best since my money is in-between blessings.


i’m moody so i can’t see the rainbow behind the clouds at the moment.
i’m trying not to start this new week off like shit.
im gonna stay busy and keep my head low.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “accountability | may 24th – 31st”

  1. I’ll join in if that’s cool

    Finally found a local therapist to work through some lingering issues
    Taking a mini vacation to see family

    Family still dealing with loss of close member
    Work load becoming a bit much to handle, need to work on delegation
    Working on saying no and not over obligating myself to events

  2. And this too shall pass Jamari. You know my peace and blessings are always with you. Also, … once that check hits – its gonna be a small fortunate. Don’t do anything negroidean x)

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