ya’ll done ran damson idris off twitter (we can’t have nice-looking things?)

why ya’ll run my manz up off twitter?
franklin saint from snowfall deserves better than this…

…Or did Damson Idris show the world he is simply human and playing a character?

damson idris is trending because he deactivated his twitter account.
he asked this

sounds like a “lemme pose this as a random question cause it might be happening to me“.
i mean,
it’s okay.
everyone does it on twitter.
well after the mob allegedly came after him,
this is what he fonted before he made his exit:

x tweets taken here

i guess you can say his first time getting curved was on twitter today.
…but that’s right baby!
you run!
that’ll teach em.

i think he should have not responded with that tweet tbh.
i guess he didn’t get the responses he was hoping for and it looked sketch.
the audience might have read into his words and picked up on the background information.
random questions like that do come from a place of truth,
whether yours or someone else.
 if he was curved or not:

Is it that serious?

i’m did love this video with diddy,
and fine ass manboy (played by melvin gregg):

not “he looks like he has some manboy in him“.

rappers love their fantasy drug kingpins,
don’t they?
it seems damson is back tho:

good to see if has a sense of humor about it.

lowkey: english accents >


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english accents talking dirty in your ear >
looks like i got a train to catch.

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7 thoughts on “ya’ll done ran damson idris off twitter (we can’t have nice-looking things?)”

  1. (Side note) “The British are coming ..The British are coming ” ..

    Lord have mercy !!!!!I have a thing for Black Brits w Nigerian Roots .. Ha ha ha

    I would loose my mind!!!!!!!

    1. I was trying very hard to NOT state the obvious…. but you are correct my friend …

      .Diddy is one of the kids. ha ha ha

  2. Geesh Diddy don’t even CARE about being discreet with it anymore (hell, if he ever did) he’s just straight creepy when he’s drunk, Melvin Gregg looked SO uncomfortable when he said that 🙅🏾‍♂️

  3. When Usher AND Katt Williams say Diddy used to have parties where one room you walk in like…. So yall not gon hide the fact its all dudes in here naked doing things you see on porn, you start to believe it. When he drunk, the gay takes over and everybody be looking like, did he just say what I think he said?

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