j. august richards comes out

i like when folks don’t make it an extravaganza when they come out.
once the balloons pop and the confetti is cleaned up,
they are still expecting that attention.
we fonted about that loneliness in an entry past.
( x read about it here )
j. august richards,
who is cool af and was on the iconic “angel“,
came out yesterday.
he was having a ig live convo with his cast-mate,
from his show on nbc called “council of dads“,
and this is how it happened…


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“I knew that I could not portray this gay man honestly without letting you all know that I am a gay man myself.”

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i like how he just slipped it in.
i wonder if he told people that were close to him in his life?
some folks are out to those they love or fuck with first.
he has been pretty under the radar before this so it feels genuine.
he posted this to his twitter:

love to see it.

congrats j!
may these doors you broke open bring you more abundance and peace.

11 thoughts on “j. august richards comes out

  1. I am happy for him that he feels good about his decision to discuss his sexual orientation.

    I watched the pilot of his show last night. I liked it, I like family dramas.It reminds me of two other shows I watch ABC’s “A million little things” and and CBS’s “The Unicorn”. Both revolve around a parent who died and the family friends step in to be father figures/mother figures for the children and emotional support for the widow/widower.

    I love that his character,Oliver, is a doctor who’s married to a black man and they have a teenage daughter.I can’t recall seeing a family like that on network tv,black gay fathers,black gay couple.

  2. Mad props to him! Love his work, love when bruthas come out, love when we affirm each other.

  3. YASSS My Nigga GUN! “Angel” use to be my SHOW bck in the day! 😩 Ah a simpler time! goes to see if it’s on Hulu

  4. I live for him. This was beautiful. Love his acting work and hope he finds love. May the vultures be kept away, whether it be gay men who want to use him or Hollywood to fetishize him.

  5. Nice…Just dont follow this sad trend of going to set some white/non-black boyfriend like ALL famous black gay men always do.

    1. don’t worry. his husband on the show is a beautiful, bald, tall, built, dark skinned man who has a professional career and they have a black daughter

    2. Thank you!! We should get some T-Shirts Made .. “Black Men Who Love Black Men”.. I was wondering what is it with Famous/Infamous black gay men not loving themselves.

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