j. august richards comes out

i like when folks don’t make it an extravaganza when they come out.
once the balloons pop and the confetti is cleaned up,
they are still expecting that attention.
we fonted about that loneliness in an entry past.
( x read about it here )
j. august richards,
who is cool af and was on the iconic “angel“,
came out yesterday.
he was having a ig live convo with his cast-mate,
from his show on nbc called “council of dads“,
and this is how it happened…

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“this is us” never fails to make me ugly sob

i decided to take a “me day”.
i’ve been feeling depressed,
but i feel like i might be coming down with something too.
after i wrote the first entry,
i took a benadryl and knocked out.
when i awoke,
i escaped into the world of “good tv.
you know i love a good binge.
i started with “blackish” and “this is us” after.
the show ended 30 minutes ago,
but i couldn’t get my shit together because i was crying so hard.
(some light spoilers ahead)…

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this is us and i’m okay with it

there is a show that everyone has been telling me about.
karaoke was the first to rave about it,
but when she told me she always cries watching it,
i was like:

“aww hell nah”

jamari fox can tear up watching a movie trailer.
so with this show,
i felt i was going to ignore for my own emotions.
as time went on,
i was seeing more talk of the show,
along with getting renewed for like 2 seasons ahead.
everyone i spoke too mentioned it during different conversations.
now that i have free time,
i started to watch last night…

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Matt Lauer Is The Perfect Example of Karma Being So Real

i bet when he took this picture way back when,
he would have slapped you if you foretold his future to him.
oh matt lauer
he was the talk in my office today.
as soon as i got settled at my desk,
two snow bunnies were talking about someone being fired this morning.
i’ll admit…
i was nosy and trying to figure out “who?”.

as soon as i turned on my computer
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WOLF MEAT: (329)

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 8.49.14 AM

america’s got butt cheeks?
my favorite assologist was watching america’s got talent
and came across some butt cheeks w/ video he wanted me to highlight…

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