Matt Lauer Is The Perfect Example of Karma Being So Real

i bet when he took this picture way back when,
he would have slapped you if you foretold his future to him.
oh matt lauer
he was the talk in my office today.
as soon as i got settled at my desk,
two snow bunnies were talking about someone being fired this morning.
i’ll admit…
i was nosy and trying to figure out “who?”.

as soon as i turned on my computer

whatever he did was bad because he was fired on his day off.
allegedly before bed last night.
as i went investigating down that jackal hole,
i read alleged things about him that made me shake my head.
it seems he has a history of bad behavior and burnt bridges.
i thought them announcing it on the show was wild disrespectful,
but then i remembered how he allegedly did ann curry.


he was instrumental in how she got fired.
this may have been his karma today.
as always,
he seems to have gotten it 10 xs worse.
he was allegedly insensitive in her firing and they were ruthless in his.
tamron hall seems to be another who had a bridge burnt by him too.

more alleged victims are already coming forward.
2017 has really been a karmic year for those on high horses.
the take down of these jackals in power is showing no mercy.
who next?

lowkey: of course,
tang had to put in his twitter cents…

his own fall is going to be a doozy.
eta: the article is up now foxhole:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Matt Lauer Is The Perfect Example of Karma Being So Real”

  1. NBC knew and turned a blind eye. I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg. Get some popcorn and a good seat.

      1. Can’t say he didn’t have it coming. Never cared for him, and never got why people were all gaga over him. But see when you try to portray a squeaky clean image…it only comes back to bit you in the ass big time! The goody-goody ones always got some shit in their closet.
        Wonder what Russell Wilson’s skeletons will be. LOL

        Trump should just sit down and shut up. He shouldn’t be throwing bricks when he got his own scandal to handle. Nut sadly as Robin Roberts said this morning, you have all of these politicians being accused of similar if not worse behavior, and they still keep their jobs…but everyone else loses theirs. Where’s the fairness in that?

  2. *flies nails and blows* I said it’s that year…of course it over yet. Just getting started.

    Now don’t think this just applies to the celebs lol. Us normal folks Gon be getting it too…

    1. ^is it you that said that eclipse turn the tides???
      i agree that even the regular bad seeds are getting their karma too.
      my last job did me how they did ann curry and they still can’t get right.

      1. Oh it wasn’t the eclipse per say but it does have something to do with “alignment and energies”…blah blah. Think of every human being as energy. Their skin as a jacket. Now imagine the universe being composed of negative and positive energy…Bad karma and good karma.

        A lot of these things apply with the energy output that people release. This also applies to nature as well (why natural disasters target certain areas..etc…blah blah..).

        I do believe stating that the alignment was in a good unison until this same time next year. What we may see and hear more about is war, sudden deaths and I’d say be on the post deck with topics about devil worshipers, sex, slavery (and sexual slavery), adults that like kids, etc. Through some of this, expect hope and breakthroughs and for others it may be time for a forced change coming.)

        (I’m not trying to sound like Ms. Cleo or anything cause I’m starting to sound like a horoscope news article but…just a simple font.)

        Back to the other stuff.

        How you respond and react to certain events trigger things. Some time people get karma instantly, other times it appears they escaped karma which isn’t true….that negative energy is just stored and builds up. It could crumble right then or pile up fall down in one big wave & ouch!! Who wants to be under that.

        Toodles. Happy Holidays and researching. 👋

    1. Fox did it with Bill Reilly’s racist ass. They even gave him a new contract AFTER he paid a settlement to one of his accusers. If you are not guilty of a crime you should fight it with every breath in your being. If someone accuses me of being a sexual harasser, or even worse a rapist, and I know I didn’t do it…they better be prepared for the fight of their life. I’ll go broke as fuck to defend my character.

      In these instances, these are arrogant, wealthy men who took advantage of women who wanted to get ahead in their careers (another topic for discussion) and were scared to say no. I mean is the job really worth your dignity? They knew this and used it to their advantage. NBC execs saw advertising $$$ floating out the door if this got out before they could say anything. This will hurt them financially, so they had to let him go. If it didn’t affect their bottom line, they would’ve given him a slap on the wrist.

      1. ^right!

        when it doesn’t get out,
        it can be a quick “reprimanding” and some pr tricks.
        once the story blows up,
        someone gotta go.
        it’s all money.
        it’s even with baller wolves who are good at what they do.
        coaches and team owners will allegedly cover up rapes and murders for them.
        if you are worth a lot,
        you are protected.

        imagine if oj was still a “golden baller wolf” during that alleged murder,
        what would have been really covered up.

  3. Matt was a rat bastard like the rest of them…

    I’d like to believe that Ann Curry is kicking back with a glass of merlot… and the “ju ju for beginners” book turn to the “he bout to know now” page… but I know she is too classy for that.

  4. Hollywood,DC(politicians) Media,… I wonder if the music industry will be next.Because I know these music execs have been using their power to harass,coerce,rape artists.I wish some of these male artists who have been harassed or assaulted would come forward.There are Weinsteins and Kevin Spacey types in the music industry that need to be exposed but they probably won’t be.

  5. Waiting for Cardi B, Beyonce, Will Smith, Brandon Jackson, Chris Brown, Chilli, Jamie Foxx, members of N’sync, Boys 2 Men, Soul 4 Real and Tevin Campbell.

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