RIP Devon Wade

i really hate when promising lives are cut short by dweebs.
it’s really heartbreaking.
i often ask myself what could’ve been done to stop it?
or was it just in the cards?
well that is the story of devon wade,
someone we have to say goodbye about.
the foxhole blew up my box about his tragic death today.
this is what happened via daily mail

A Columbia PhD student has been killed by his boyfriend who shot him in the head after an argument.

Devon Wade, a promising 28-year-old student whose mentors said he would ‘change the world’, died after being shot at his home in Houston, Texas, on Sunday night. 

His boyfriend Mario Jerrell Williams, 29, turned himself in to police shortly afterwards and admitted shooting him.

Williams is being held on $100,000 bond and is charged with first degree murder. 

On Sunday night, he went to the home which Wade shared with twin brother but was asked to leave. 

He says he returned a short time afterwards and began fighting with Wade, who he said punched him in the face and chased him downstairs

Once downstairs, he shot him and then fled. When he turned himself in to police later, he said he was his boyfriend, Click 2 Houston reports.

Wade’s twin brother, who was asleep upstairs, then found his brother lying on the ground bleeding.

He said he saw Williams fleeing the scene on security cameras installed around the homeIt is not clear what the pair were arguing about or how long they had been together. 

Wade was known locally for his community efforts and had already been praised for overcoming a difficult start in life to pursue academia.

He was in the middle of a PhD in sociology at Columbia University in New York and had already graduated from Louisiana State University after being given a scholarship from a local law firm in Houston. 

He had not long returned to Houston to complete his dissertation on the poverty and incarceration among the black community.

As news of his death spread on Tuesday, friends took to social media to eulogize him in disbelief.

‘Great inspiration and a bright light now dimmed with sadness. 

‘To some he initially seemed destined for failure, however beat all odds and made outstanding accomplishments,’ said one friend. 

‘Statistically, Devon wasn’t expected to graduate high school. Devon’s parents were incarcerated [but] he overcame his unfortunate circumstances, graduated with Honors from LSU with a degree in Criminology, and was completing a PhD program at Columbia University. 

‘Devon dedicated his life to serving and encouraging others. 

‘He was committed to making society and the justice system better,’ said another friend. 

Devon and his brother were raised by his grandparents in Houston. 

Columbia University said it will award him his doctorate posthumously.

so we just shooting folks after arguing now?
not even walking away and allowing things to cool down.
jackals just pulling out a guns and ending lives.
i hope that jackal’s butt hole has no peace in prison.
every time he close his eyes,
i hope he is haunted by the image of devon.
this is fuckin’ sad ass story.
i found myself crying after watching this about devon:

truly sad.
he looked like he had a good spirit.
may his legacy inspire others and his rest be peaceful.

article: daily mail

pay your respects to devon on his: facebook

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “RIP Devon Wade”

  1. It is sad to see a life taken and may he rest in peace and that was nice for Columbia to award him his doctorate. If he was still alive, I can only imagine the numerous lives he could have inspired and motivated to get an education regardless of your life experiences.

  2. I don’t know anything about any of these two men but I do know that (not relating specifically to this case) domestic abuse is a BIG PROBLEM in the LGBT community. And yes, folks will shoot you when arguing.

    Hell, they will shoot you at elementary schools, churches, clubs and casinos just for the hell of it.

    I don’t know what these lovers were arguing about but I reckon it may have been something serious. What were the circumstances that led up to this? Considering he turned himself in…

    Look at his mugshot. You can see some hurt in his eyes. He might be crazy or even… jealous but for him to turn himself in…and say I’m his boyfriend.

    Could even be one in of those type of guys…I can’t think of the name right now but the type of “straight dude” gay guys mess with but then turn out to be psychotic thugs or something.

    Make sure whoever y’all dating and calling bae or side piece stable in the mind.

    1. What you say is true. People will shoot you for the most asinine reasons. If you look at them wrong they’re ready to fight/shoot. I wonder how long they knew one another.

      A person can come across as stable/sane, but it just takes one instance for them to crack…and the nutjob is let out of the cage!

      1. I’ve caught one guy a long time ago that wanted to date me. I caught him slipping and noticed his aggression he tried to play off.

        I’ve turned down a guy who pursued me for a while cause I wasn’t feeling him. He was cute and I remember his words to this day..”I’mma make you mine!” Well I never was and he eventually started dating another guy. I remember coming over to they house once and that boy was in the room boohooing…and I knew why too.

        Ole nutjob that tried to holla at me stayed beating his a$$ for nothing..Like just because he looked at him funny or said something…pulling his hair, calling him names and his excuse was….”I’m the Top and you the Bottom, you do what the f**k I say.”

        It was sad…

        I remember folks kind of like telling him to leave him but that boy didn’t at that time. That was many years ago tho. I left the state and never heard from them again.

  3. I remember watching that profile on him years ago but didn’t realize that was the same guy.I have seen several tributes to him today on my Search.Also the site “Watch the Yard” which covers Black Greek News made a post about him.He was a Kappa.
    He overcame so much, accomplished so much but could have done so much more.Gone too soon.RIP🙏

  4. It feel like every young black man who going excellent leader in life some how in up dying and most of time it somebody that kill him. Most time somebody there close too WTF. This made me so sad because looking at him I can tell he going to do something with his life.

  5. He was a regular at my job I saw him a couple weeks ago….This is so sad he’s a really nice & intelligent man.

  6. Very disturbing that an argument would cause Devon to loose his life. I do realize that the issue of domestic violence is alive and well. A great individual’s life is taken due to stupidity! May he rest in peace.

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