The Vixen With The Flower Tattoo That Can Dance Her Tail Off

this is why i fucks heavy with the universe.
whenever i ask a question,
i get an answer.
sometimes in a really big way.
i saw the following video like a month or two ago…

…and wanted to know


i thought it was some random choreographer because she was killing it.

that is joie chavis.
shad moss is her sperm donor to their beautiful daughter.
i’m late af.
i didn’t know she was a dancer like that.
she ended up dancing for tank at the “soul train awards” this past weekend:

i mean…


i lowkey use to crush hard on her.
i think she is so fuckin’ sexy.

…what did shad do to fuck that up?

say no more.
good to see she is talented and not some “baby mama” tho.
go miss joie!

lowkey: her dating choices be legit sketchy af,
but i bet her dms are lit af.
aim for the nba baller with the solid contract joie!
team owner is possible!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Vixen With The Flower Tattoo That Can Dance Her Tail Off”

  1. Wow, she really has a commanding stance and draws you inn.. that shape and body. I Heard that new Tank song on the radio and song got me feeling all types. funny tho former NFL with that gorgeous body on stage Yes to the god!

  2. She could get it. She is sexy. If she moves like that in public there is no telling what she does behind closed doors

  3. She looks delicious. I loved when she did the split and started bouncin her butt. 😍😜

    Her backup dancers Kelly and Michelle did good too.

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