Matt Lauer Is The Perfect Example of Karma Being So Real

i bet when he took this picture way back when,
he would have slapped you if you foretold his future to him.
oh matt lauer
he was the talk in my office today.
as soon as i got settled at my desk,
two snow bunnies were talking about someone being fired this morning.
i’ll admit…
i was nosy and trying to figure out “who?”.

as soon as i turned on my computer
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Who Knew Donald Trump Would F*ck Billy Bush?

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-44-08-pmwho would have thought,
something from close to 11 years ago,
would come back around and bite you in your ass?
well billy bush has the bite mark to prove it.
if anyone told me that in in ’05,
donald trump would be a ’16 presidential candidate,
i would probably would have slapped them.
i’m sure billy bush would have slapped you right after.
well it looks like billy is about to lose his job at the today show.
all because of making a bad decision he thought was funny at the time.
this is what the ny daily news is saying…
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Rachel Dolezal: The Rise of the Transracials? you can strip her of her “president” title at the naacp in spokane, washington,
but what you wont do is strip her of her race.
rachel dolezal is black and there is nothing you gonna do about it.
she had an interview with matt lauer on “the today show” and well…
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Alicia Keys Hair Stars In Dumb and Dumber 2013

umoki was just watching alicia keys video for “teenage love affair” the other day.
i remember i use to look at that vixen in the pink coat hair.
i always thought how her haircut really suit her face.
at first i thought it was ashanti.
well who knew alicia keys was reading my mind?
she decided to duplicate the same look in 2013…

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