Who Knew Donald Trump Would F*ck Billy Bush?

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-44-08-pmwho would have thought,
something from close to 11 years ago,
would come back around and bite you in your ass?
well billy bush has the bite mark to prove it.
if anyone told me that in in ’05,
donald trump would be a ’16 presidential candidate,
i would probably would have slapped them.
i’m sure billy bush would have slapped you right after.
well it looks like billy is about to lose his job at the today show.
all because of making a bad decision he thought was funny at the time.
this is what the ny daily news is saying…

Billy Bush is out at the “Today” show, an NBC source tells the Daily News.

The morning show co-host is currently negotiating his exit and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes official, the source adds.

NBC News reps declined to comment.

Bush, 44, came under fire when a 2005 recording surfaced last week in which he and Donald Trump are heard making lewd comments about women.

Bush, who was a co-host of “Access Hollywood” at the time, can be heard saying, “Oh, that’s good legs,” just before he and Trump meet actress Arianne Zucker.

He also encourages Zucker to hug Trump just after the Republican presidential candidate told him: “I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them.”

Trump also said that when you’re a star, you can do whatever you want to women, even “Grab ’em by the p—y.”

l10qtjpo1x6zcgrowing up,
my mother always use to say a quote to me all the time:


i would always roll my eyes when she would say it,
but i understand what she meant now.
you never know when your bad behavior will come back to haunt you.
sure it looks like fun right now,
but it could be the same “fun” used to ruin you.
it makes me think of these attentionistos out here.
most of them are painfully homophobic.
they have no issue throwing that homophobia around on their social media.
that same homophobia could fuck them in the ass later on in life.

tumblr_n5lahamc431rqd0kpo1_500-1the gays aren’t too far behind.
you end up shading the wrong one and have that ass blacklisted.

karma is real
you will reap what you sew
you will see the same ones you flexed on as you come crashing down

billy bush didn’t see this coming.
hell we didn’t see this coming.
you just never know so it’s best to just keep your bridges in tact.
i’m sure billy will move on to something else,
but he serves as a lesson for all of us.
learn it.

article taken: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Who Knew Donald Trump Would F*ck Billy Bush?”

  1. The only reason I am paying Billy Bush no attention is because he is a Bush and that family has a gene that is affecting their brains making it insufficient and so they do stupid fuck ass things. The gene seems only to affect the males in the family.

    Bush claims to be a journalist just like Sarah Palin claimed to be a Governor and a Vice Presidential nominee. I often wondered how the fuck he could accept a cheque every month for doing fuck all. But then he is a Bush. Entitled. Establishment. Daddy made a call and little Johnny was hired.

    So fuck him and his sorry ass. He claimed to be younger and immature at the time. Really? He was 33 then. If at 30 fucking 3 you are still behaving as a fucking juvenile talking pussy talk with a grown ass 60 year old dirty grand pa like Trump, then you have proven my point that you are a mental fucking case.

      1. From Entertainment Weekly site- ew.com

        Bush deleted his Twitter account Friday as the story broke, but has now released this statement: “Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago – I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.”

        Access Hollywood has had no comment on the matter, but plans to address the subject in tonight’s telecast.

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