Melania Trump Can Drive A Bus In High Heels

melaniatrump_010616douglasfriedmanyou hear that noise?
listen carefully.
that is the sound of the bus being driven over billy bush,
the ex host of the today show.
he was in that scandal with donald trump from 2005,
where they both were talking reckless about vixens.
well the wife of the donald,
melenia trump,
thinks billy bush egged the whole thing on.
this is a clip of what she said to anderson cooper on cnn
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Who Knew Donald Trump Would F*ck Billy Bush?

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-8-44-08-pmwho would have thought,
something from close to 11 years ago,
would come back around and bite you in your ass?
well billy bush has the bite mark to prove it.
if anyone told me that in in ’05,
donald trump would be a ’16 presidential candidate,
i would probably would have slapped them.
i’m sure billy bush would have slapped you right after.
well it looks like billy is about to lose his job at the today show.
all because of making a bad decision he thought was funny at the time.
this is what the ny daily news is saying…
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Donald Trump Gets Grabbed By The Balls


well when you’re a sexed crazed idiot
so donald trump got caught up in some (more) shit.
a video was leaked of him talking absolutely disrespectful about vixens.
he was talking about various vixens he tried,
one in which was married,
how he gets pussy because he is a “star”,
and “grabbing them by the pussy” to billy bush of “access hollywood”.
it was secretly recorded on the set of “days of our lives” in 2005.
this was when he was making a cameo on the show.
here is the video of the leaked convo:

and now lets get into the apology he posted on his facebook…

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