Melania Trump Can Drive A Bus In High Heels

melaniatrump_010616douglasfriedmanyou hear that noise?
listen carefully.
that is the sound of the bus being driven over billy bush,
the ex host of the today show.
he was in that scandal with donald trump from 2005,
where they both were talking reckless about vixens.
well the wife of the donald,
melenia trump,
thinks billy bush egged the whole thing on.
this is a clip of what she said to anderson cooper on cnn


you know what this reminds me of?
when a naive vixen is in shock her wolf is really a jackal.
she didn’t believe it when her friends were warning her,
but she had to see him for what he is when he thinks no one is watching.

“the language is unappropriate.
it’s not acceptable.
and um,
i was surprised because that is not the snow jackal that i know…”


so this is a problem,
but the way he has spoken about vixens before is okay.
how has she managed to ignore all the things he has done/said?
oh that’s right.
she only hears the alleged ring of a cash register.
the sweet sound of money being counted.
you lay back,
shut your mouth,
close your ears
lift your legs to the sky,
and imagine hand bags.
well this reeks of alleged pr since trump is getting the bus rode over him.
i guess she had to drive over someone else to try and help him.
too bad for her,
she still has the bus in park.
let this be a lesson foxhole because i see it all the time in corporate america:

Anyone can and will throw you under the bus to save their own ass

don’t matter the situation either:

a cheating husband will throw you under the bus to his wife
a criminal will throw you under the bus to the judge
a boss will throw you under the bus to their boss
a “friend” will throw you under the bus to their parents

..and so on and so forth.
change the scenarios and players.
always know who are playing with.

lowkey: is she going to read to cubs at kindergarten?
i’ll need footage.
she looks so uptight and prissy.
she lacks what michelle has.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Melania Trump Can Drive A Bus In High Heels”

  1. Her face looks so weird, like she has only one expression lol. Also, she’s clearly lying. She couldn’t even make eye contact with Anderson as she was answering the questions.

  2. You know Trump steppin out on her. She is starting to show signs of aging…and just like the other wives, once that happened, he was on to the next one. It’s just a matter of time. Melania will be the next ex- Mrs. Trump.
    I’ve heard stories that she is a very nasty woman. Not kind at all. Always be kind to people when you’re on top, because you will see them again on your way down!

    1. Yep in five years or less he’ll be trading her in for a newer model lol. Her face is hit! She better hope he doesn’t get elected. Some conservative intern is about to slide right on in.

  3. I lowkey agree with her that he was egged on. Billy was leading Trump into the direction he wanted. HOWEVER, doesn’t give your husband license to degrade and disrespect women. Don’t expect too much from Melania should Trump ascend to the Presidency. Smh.

  4. Lol this whole election is a joke. Hillary is the only person qualified in this race, hands down. Trump is a joke and the third party candidates are laughable. I can’t believe we are having to deal with this shit from a presidential candidate. Nobody’s even talking about the issues anymore. It’s all about Trump and his indecency. Smh. Bless us all.

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