cnn always has the best nye celebrations.
the reporters let their hair down and the ratchet comes flying out.
from cousin donny droppin’ it low:

to andy cohen letting it all fly out about deblasio:

andy don’t give no fucks,
do he?
well dulcé sloan,
a comedian who was hosting a segment down in new orleans with cousin donny,
 decided to share her new year’s resolution with the world…


the wrath of don (lemon)

take it from me,
it’s hard to make friends in the industry or even at regular jobs.
you think you meet someone(s) who has your back and survey says:

jussie smollett and don lemon appeared to be friends in the industry.
two black gays trying to build a bridge with each other amongst this sea of industry straights.
jussie decided to throw don under the bus during his trial.
he admitted don was allegedly tipping him off about what the police were doing.
( x see article here )

when jussie was found guilty yesterday,
you know the type of energy don was on during his show on cnn…

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“how to win friends and influence people” by donald trump

i’m baffled.

What is it about Trump that has folks under his spell?

it cannot be his good looks and charming ways.
this recent tirade he had with jim acosta from “cnn”
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Gianno Caldwell: The Salty Tears Of A Clown?

one of my favorite drinks is “tears”.
it could be “white tears” or “i fucked up!” tears,
but i love the delicous taste of that salty treat.
gianno caldwell is someone who served his tears ice cold today.
he was a big supporter of trump,
but after all the antics,
he has seen the error in his decision making skills.
it made him cry today on “fox and friends”.
check it out…
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Look Up The Word “Petty” and Trump Will Greet You

they should never have given trump twitter.
maybe even a phone.

he is clearly just a social media president.
he spends more time twitter thuggin’ than doing his job.
well i saw something today that i had to retweet from him.
i was so confused that i had to show the foxhole…
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Trump Gets An “A” For All His Hard Work

so it has been 60 days since cheeto man,
has been in office.
i refuse to call him “president”.
as far as i’m concerned,
president obama still holds that title.

we have seen every single fail and tweet.
has he even had a win?
well cnn got some of his biggest supporters together to grade him.
this is what they had to say…
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