Gianno Caldwell: The Salty Tears Of A Clown?

one of my favorite drinks is “tears”.
it could be “white tears” or “i fucked up!” tears,
but i love the delicous taste of that salty treat.
gianno caldwell is someone who served his tears ice cold today.
he was a big supporter of trump,
but after all the antics,
he has seen the error in his decision making skills.
it made him cry today on “fox and friends”.
check it out…

you know what i love?
when someone goes against the grain,
chooses someone who is an absolute mess,
and it comes back to bite them in the ass.
i love it in:

real life
the foxhole

..and especially with trump.
as soon as the WHOLE tail is shown,
suddenly folks want to act like they’re blinded sided?



…crying on national tv over trump like a simp.
pull it together,
why don’t cha?!

i could understand if this was a shocker.
that tang hyena BEEN showed his ass continuously.
van jones was crying on cnn too:

but van…
i thought you said he had become “presidential”?
when he honored a navy seal?
you wasn’t thinking about godmother dottie then.
peep anderson cooper tho.
not amused.
as he shouldn’t.
i might be a heartless fox,
but i screamed at the weeping.
i’m glad they both got their “national negro wake up calls”.

lowkey: i been drinking the “tears” in a glass with a umbrella in it.
i love.

12 thoughts on “Gianno Caldwell: The Salty Tears Of A Clown?

  1. Not sure what to say. Where have all these ppl been for the last 2 years. With all the crazy and stupid things he has said they now want to decide its unacceptable? This man showed ppl who he was from the beginning and now they so out raged. FoH. Nothing I despise more than a coon. He ruining this country and eroding its morality day by day. AND PLEASE DONT MENTION PARRIS DENNARD. (watch his exchange with the other.) The coon of all coons. He’d sell his own family just to get a pet on the head. Eventually theyll get tired of dancing for crackers. Its time for us all to come together!!! BTW gianno is a snack is he gay. I get that vibe lol.

  2. Lmao all I can do is laugh. They’ll find another white man’s boot to lick in no time I’m sure.

  3. I don’t really have a problem with some who beleived trump in the first place. i think they’re stupid and delusional, but it happens. i’m mad at the people who keep supporting him after all this. And the truth is i feel sorry for Gianno because you can tell he’s really hurt. I’m sure he lost a lot of people for supporting orange face and now he must be thinking all that for what? I’m sure he really believed in trump, again he was really stupid for that, but a fele sorry for him. And give van jones a break lool, the man just said trump speech was presidential (i don’t think it was, i think it was decent) not that trump was the second coming.

    1. Ignorance just isn’t an excuse anymore. Not on that level. It’s not an excuse when one’s ignorance potentially affects other people’s lives negatively (People dying from not having health insurance coverage, coverage that they might have had under previous administrations for example).I can’t feel sorry for these people when there’s plenty of information at their disposal and they choose to disregard it. It’s 100% a choice in the internet age, and it’s not that they don’t come across this info, they opt to ignore it. Hubris.

      I don’t see these people as “tricked”. It was their own hubris and negligence. Sure we all vote in our own interests, but the minute people realize that we are a community and we indeed depend on each other in certain respects as a country, is when WE are the ones who voted in our own interests, but are now getting jipped. When it’s OUR turn to suffer because everyone voted selfishly, that’s when suddenly the notion of voting for “OTHERS” being important becomes clear.

      These fools who voted for Trump either a) KNEW what he meant for the country and truly wanted and supported that or b) weren’t thinking.Weren’t thinking about the millions of lives who would be affected and terrorized, or at the brink of death in some cases because they don’t have access to medical care or programs that distribute food to the poor, or even the elderly (see: Meals on Wheels) Again, hubris. These are the things and people we don’t think about when we are voting. But what happens when it’s our turn? That’s when we’re really hoping for people to be generous, and well informed, right? Wrong.

      I don’t feel sorry for either because the former got what they wanted and the latter doesn’t deserve pity. Both parties chose to elect a buffoon as their cheerleader, and now they all have to deal with it. Technically, now we are all affected. So thanks, Amurka.

      1. Ok sir i felt this one. No but seriously, i get you and iknow you’re right but at the same time i can’t help it but feel bad for him. Maybe i’m just being naive, that’s my problem i’m somethimes too kind lol. Anyway

      2. I feel you man. They┬┤re so pitiful that one feels bad for them. I just see them as a waste of time and energy lol!

  4. coons… c’mon Gianno is a Republican. That doesn’t make him a coon. He has denounced Trump several times since the election. Van Jones had the same passion on Election Night when he made “white people mad calling it a “Whitelash” If you’re into politics as deep as these guys are you show passion when shit happens.. I prefer these guys over Michael Strahan who has no idea on Good Morning America.

  5. Reminds me of that camera moment in get out. But im sure them & don lemon will go back to their support of anything against us after this story. Lol

  6. Awww the poor poor coons finally had their wake up call. I wonder if the Orange One’s latest fuckery has been a come to Jesus moment for that thing named Omarosa?

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