Omarosa Stars As “Crocodile Tears DunDee”

ya know,
i’d like to think i’m good at pr.
i can tell an anyone what to wear,
how to look,
what to say,
and anything that will help them get to another level.
i can literally smell a scheme too.
that being fonted,
omarosa isn’t fooling me one bit.

they released a clip of her on “celebrity big brother”.
a vix-bi showed me that she brought the tears via “the daily beast”
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Gianno Caldwell: The Salty Tears Of A Clown?

one of my favorite drinks is “tears”.
it could be “white tears” or “i fucked up!” tears,
but i love the delicous taste of that salty treat.
gianno caldwell is someone who served his tears ice cold today.
he was a big supporter of trump,
but after all the antics,
he has seen the error in his decision making skills.
it made him cry today on “fox and friends”.
check it out…
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Tears of a Hungry Clown

tumblr_lvqcuaLItY1qk6bpjo1_500it pays to have good friends in your life.
these are the people who make me go on,
even when i feel like giving up.
so this morning,
half asleep,
karaoke texted me asking me to do her a favor.
she wanted my cable info to watch a show on her computer.
since she is one of my closest friends that i trust,
i said why not?
one thing about karaoke is she cooks really good.
her family makes the best food.
she always sends me pictures of food she makes.
well i’m no where close to florida to get some food,
and i was stupid hungry,

so i texted jokingly…
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Sponsored By “Evelyn Lozada Streaming Tears Makeup and Crotchless Depends”

tumblr_mr2pznxixo1qbunheo1_500“i’m just tired of crying,” evelyn says while crying.
“well shit ev i’m tired of it too” – me, watching the first episode of bbw 5.
the whole episode of evelyn crying,
shaunie’s nostrils,
shtuzie’s fixed lisp situation,
and tami still wanting to sit with the mean girls.
was it enough to keep the public interested tho?

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When A Vixen’s Fed Up… She Puts Your Ass On Blast On Facebook.


you know the story.
a wolf does wrong,
videotapes himself crying for his vixen to see,
and she puts it all on blast for the world to see.
these damn camera phones….

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No Really, Tell Me What You Are REALLY Feeling.


Some of us cry when we are our lowest.
Others get mad and rebel.
But, our true feelings come out when we are “going through it“.

 I saw this on Tumblr and it made me sad.
Maybe because today, I am feeling some kind of way.
My emotions are high.
I am actually sitting in my crib with low lighting and just not in the mood to be bothered.
Phone is about to go on airplane mode and either Jay Z or Ye is about to be coming out my speakers.
So, yeah, I could indentify with about one or two of the following.
What about you?…

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