When A Vixen’s Fed Up… She Puts Your Ass On Blast On Facebook.


you know the story.
a wolf does wrong,
videotapes himself crying for his vixen to see,
and she puts it all on blast for the world to see.
these damn camera phones….

“i love you girl.
i love you.
i fuckin love you.
[pans camera over to posters]
he came with drawings too.
how could she!?
you know how much art supplies cost?!
this one was worse….

snot just going in his mouth and shit.
on the good note,
and we try to find the good note,
at least the other potential vixens will know how sensitive they are.


so i had to ask….

how would you feel
if the person you were dating did you wrong
and then made a video of them crying?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “When A Vixen’s Fed Up… She Puts Your Ass On Blast On Facebook.”

  1. Its always the spanish wolves that are this sensitive… I had a homegirl that broke up with her man cause he was cheating…. and he did the same thing… and when she didnt take him back he tried to stab her… The spanish wolves be on that loco tip…

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