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tumblr_mr2pznxixo1qbunheo1_500“i’m just tired of crying,” evelyn says while crying.
“well shit ev i’m tired of it too” – me, watching the first episode of bbw 5.
the whole episode of evelyn crying,
shaunie’s nostrils,
shtuzie’s fixed lisp situation,
and tami still wanting to sit with the mean girls.
was it enough to keep the public interested tho?

i will have to admit it wasn’t a bad premiere.
kinda boring but i was able to get through without playing candy crush.
it started with all the events surround evelyn after chad gave her some head in a car.
i keed, i keed.
it was every messy face,
mascara streaming,
hot mess of emotions that was evelyn lozada during that time.
no lie but i kept looking at the scar on her head.

tumblr_mru0vdsHK21r7npdno1_500while watching i was a bit confused.
i remembered the scene from last season when she told chad it was okay to cheat.
what the problem is?
she told him to do it on national tv and he did.
personally i think he was doing it all along.
was she mad it only took him 3 weeks to break his pipe off in someone else’s twat?
i felt she was doing a lot of back trackin’ for sympathy as well.
she said this situation was dragging her name through the mud.
no no…
jumping on tables and throwing bottles while hyped on liquid courage did that.

ev it was kinda contrived ma ma.
at least joseline, erica, and k michelle accept their ratchetness.


tumblr_m9g9l2bxe41qkdh9eo1_500you shouldn’t fight it baby.
i was more mad at tami telling her she should go back to him.
chad gets mad because she wore blue nails instead of pink,
proceeds to knock her head off her shoulders,
it’s going to be another story with flip floppin’ ass tami.
judging from the previews,
some ratchetry should be on the way.
i knew they wouldn’t be doing a whole season of praise breaks and kumbaya.
if anyone missed their return to v-h1:

x click here to watch episode


lowkey: all i kept wondering is what was chad saying on twitter.

convoyeah i think he’s okay.

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8 thoughts on “Sponsored By “Evelyn Lozada Streaming Tears Makeup and Crotchless Depends”

  1. The season kicked off kinda slow, Can someone explain to me wtf was going on with Suzies lip? All I got from it was her jaw was broken. Also I wanna know who’s ass Suzie was kicking in the hotel in the preview, it looked like Evelyn’s. also Tami has one more time to get up in Evs face, that’s my girl, tami needs to pack that shit up. Raggedy wig wearing ass. I hope Shaunie and Ev get her together. All in all its still “The Evelyn Show” which I love.

    1. She had surgery and she still had swelling, and it was Kenya that she was fighting with, she returned to clear up a beef with her.

      1. ^i heard she threw meatballs at her.
        who knew they was knocking over tables and shit.
        so she had all that jaw breaking and front teeth removal for her lisp?
        i didn’t understand why she did it when she explained/missed that part.

  2. Ay Evelyn is a crybaby and I’m so over with the Chad bullshit story. But damn Shaunie need to cut that weave out because she look ridiculous. Also I know she can’t help it but I hate her nose. And Tami is messed up, I didn’t like when she said she told her daughters to go back to their abusive man because they deserve a second chance. I thought she was cool, but she fucked up.

  3. Their time has passed!!!!! Time to move on!!! Evelyn doing all that crying for sympathy!! Or is it because she blew it with that sexy chocolate piece of prime man, Chad Johnson!!!!

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