f0xmail: Where Can I Find This Doctor To Examine Me Like This Fine Wolf?



Hey Jamari! Love the site! The best ever!!.. Ive been reading since like 09 and every gay i come in contact with I let them know that this is the best site for us because wer can ask questions, get answers, get horny and bust a nut all in one place. Thanx for all the work you put in and dont ever think that it goes unnoticed because it doesnt and the foxhole sincerely loves you.  I was wondering if there was anyway you knew who was in this video or where i could find the remainder of it:

Its a male physical examination #11.

Thanks so much!!


why thank you!
i’m glad i’m bringing every angle to your (and others) needs.
i’m here to stimulate minds and bring pleasure.
the foxhole has some intellectual readers i must say.
we can get a little ratchet,
because lets face it we all have a ratchet side buried deep within us,
but for the most part we keep it cool and show out when needed.

tumblr_inline_miur7rp4dB1qz4rgpthat being said,
i sniffed out the lead to the whole video.
i does this.
i posted it on “the other side” just for you.

.x click here to go get your physical examination

hope you enjoy it!
thank you for the support!

questions or comments?
please send them all to CONTACT and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can!

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