f0xmail: What Is In Your Beauty Bag? Help!



Hey Jamari,
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE your site. It is amazing. You have inspired me in so many ways.

The reason, I am writing you is because you are very knowledgeable about many subjects. My question is somewhat trivial.

I wanted to know what beauty products you use. You know for hair, face, skin, personal care, body and etc. What’s your favorite body wash, lotion, shampoo, skin treatment? What beauty tips do you recommend? Thanks so much for your help!!


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My Ex Use To Eat The Groceries (and I Want You To See It)

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 1.51.15 PMits hard being “the ex”.
its also hard being the ex of an attentionisto.
that is just stress,
ain’t it?
god forbid you see that they moved on faster than you did.
that can really burn your biscuits.
well a scandal was brewing earlier this week i wanted to share.
so everyone meet shoddi88.
he is the wolf in the picture up above.
as the story was told to me,
he broke up with his ex and his ex decided to get some revenge.
bust his windows?
give him a chocolate cake made of laxatives?

oh i know…
put an ad on craigslist he is looking to cosplay “my little pony”?
i’m sure shoddi88 isn’t innocent either,
but his ex decided to hack into his instagram and post these.
Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 2.16.23 PMoh the following is:


okay proceed…
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f0xmail: My Boyfriend Found Our New Roommate on Jackd. Help!


Hey Jamari…

I’ve been a reader for about 2 years and have been a big fan of the site.I’m reaching out for advice with the relationship I’m in. I’m originally for Brooklyn NY grew up in Long-island moved to Atlanta for school (Georgia state) met a 28 year old wolf on jackd. I’m 20 we have really good chemistry we’ve been off and on a couple of times. Recently I moved in with him to save money on housing he has a townhouse in Atlanta and I thought why not so I moved in about a month ago and 2 weeks ago my boyfriend lost his job I work part time at w grocery store so I help out but it’s simply not enough my boyfriend tells me he puts up an add on jackd i instantly get upset and tell him I don’t think this is a good idea he says I don’t want to put an add on Craigslist because the overflow of responses would be to much. Ok so I’m out of town visiting family for the weekend and I call my boyfriend multiple times no answer so he calls me the next day and says sorry bae I was interviewing the new room mate I said why didn’t u tell me ohh u where in a mood. Okay cool he then tells me he’s a bottom light skin and sends me a picture of him I say ok he’s a bottom i don’t care why are u sending me a picture of him ohh just so u can kno what the new roomate looks like. He then says that he told him about me and showed him my Instagram and says this is my boyfriend. So I’m confused once again why are u showing this boy my Instagram now he says to my boyfriend am I the type to say something if he says hi to my boyfriend while he has his underwear on I then say wtf are u serious this is total disrespect unless he wants his ass whipped I don’t think this is a good idea my boyfriend says I’m over reacting we get into a huge argument he’s saying I need to get over myself I now want to go to this boys job and fight him. I feal like he can have him,  Aswell as im looking to move out I need advice

Jamari please help


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f0xmail: The Issue of My “crushlovelustwhateveryouwannacallit”!

tumblr_moyd7cihg31qekrg7o1_1280 FOXMAIL


Let me start off by saying that 99.9% of the time, your posts are DEAD ON dude & I love every single one of them. You keep me coming back, each and every time! Keep it up homie. Now, on to a dude’s dilemma:

There’s this guy I’ve basically gone in & out of “crushlovelustwhateveryouwannacallit” with for the past 4 years. We were co-workers for three of those four years and nothing happened between us except for MY EX-BEST (girl) FRIEND ALMOST SLEEPING WITH HIM. (Yes, it affected our relationship that deep.)

From the aforementioned statement, you can tell he’s basically “straight”. But there was ALWAYS something there between us. Tension? Curiosity? IDK. He took me to the movies a few times (mind you, he only wanted him & I to go… mmmmhmmmm…), but nothing more than that. After him leaving my workplace last year, he got a new job in the same town. I see him all the time & I’m not sure what I feel. He gives me these high-school ass feelings, but I swore I was over this nigga. LIKE, WHAAA?! I tend to give him a sliiiiiight cold shoulder here & there just to prove to myself that I’m over him. (Dunno if it’s doing harm or good.) Everyone that I talk to about him tells me not to feel the way I feel because they think he’s “douche-ish” and that I can do WAY better, but I’m torn as a motherfucker! I still find him intriguing…

You like who you like sometimes, fuck what others think, right? (J, tell me I’m right. LMAO.) He still wants us to smoke a blunt together & shit, but I’m hesitant! I curve him on purpose! LOL. He can be fleeing sometimes (i.e. seem uninterested, returns texts hours later, etc.) and I know that has something to do with why I be on that #SWIRVlife. LOL. I’m part of your gold digger era, so I’m completely invested in my self-worth, and that goes hand in hand with my dating life. I know what I offer. I’m not easy. I value me, and I feel like my polarity to the issue is due to me considering my value before anything. I wanna stay true to me but don’t wanna be judgmental to this just because of the opinions of others, you know?

Tell me J, do I go on and try to make something work with the dude?

Or do I continue to wait for someone “worth my time”?

(P.S., Feel free to share this with the Foxhole if you’d like. I have no secrets. LMAO. Hey, maybe someone else feels the way I’m feeling…)

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f0xmail: The Married Wolf Who Wants The Bunz, Hunz.


Ok, as I continue to wait for “The One” to show up in my life. I meet a guy that’s just my type of man. I will call him Daddy Cub. After a few texts we finally meet face to face. As a single Scorpion brother, I seek for a relationship. I found out he’s married and all he want is a f-buddy….I shouldn’t involve myself with a married man but is it a waste of ambition on what I want because a married man will not go as far as the relationship he already has and on the side activity would be recreational…


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f0xmail: I Don’t Know “What” I Am! Help!



I can’t believe I’m doing this but I guess I am.

So I’ve been a follower of your blog for about six months and I have to say I love it! It’s taught me a lot about the gay community and specifically the black gay community and their issues. You really seem like a friend in my head! I’m a young African American male. I’m from baytown, Texas (small town 45 minutes outside of houston) I’m eighteen years old and I’m not sure if I am gay or straight. Growing up I always knew I was different but I always had an attraction for girls.I love the arts. I love operas, musicals, ballets, etc. Even my music is different from most teenage black boys. ( I don’t like a lot of hip hop) My three top singers are Ella Fitzgerald, Phyllis Hyman, and Rachelle Ferrell. I know weird right! I’m pretty old school with my music! I also fell in love with the Harlem renaissance. You east people have so much wonderful  history that I admire and adore!

My dream is to become a sports and entertainment lawyer, own my own law firm and own my own sports team( even though I’m not a sports fan) lol ( sports is an untapped market and I would love to start tapping! Lol) I really like that you’re into the whole entertainment field because that’s what I want to go into myself. I would like to attend Howard university and work in the DC and New York area and then expand to the Los Angeles area later down the line. I also want to become a billionaire one day. Also I come from two lower working middle class parents who worked hard to get me where I am today.

Anyway, when I was in the eighth grade I went on a school field trip and I had to stay in a room with two other boys. One boy had on pajama pants and I looked at his butt and got an erection. I was so embarrassed that I refuse to sleep in the same bed with him. I had NEVER had ANY sexual or intimate feelings for boys. Before that I was watching straight porn and looking at women’s breasts. After that incident, I started to experiment with gay porn to try it out. I have been addicted to porn for four years now. I use to watch both straight and gay porn but I know I only watch gay porn now. I told my dad that I had experimented with gay porn and he was ok with it. But then a few months he saw a link to gay porn on my computer and he told me that he “didn’t play that gay shit” I was upset but I got over it.  He said “this is the last time we will discuss this”. My dad is not a religious person but he is a homophobe. I’ve never dated a girl or even kissed a girl before. I’m also a loner. I was also bullied in school and boys called me gay and other hurtful things. I’ve never been popular. I only have two friends and one is my grandma.

Lol I know that sounds pathetic! Lol but she truly is my best friend. I also tried to commit suicide at one point. I was confused at one point and I “came out” to her and she was totally ok with it. She gave a big hug and embraced me. But now I’m thinking that I’m bisexual. I’m still attracted to girls. So I want  to know if you think I’m gay or bi sexual? As you can see I have big dreams but I get so upset and depressed when I think about my sexuality. I’m still addicted to porn (I watch more gay porn) and that brings me down too.

Please help Mr. Jamari! Thank you


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