f0xmail: My Boyfriend Found Our New Roommate on Jackd. Help!


Hey Jamari…

I’ve been a reader for about 2 years and have been a big fan of the site.I’m reaching out for advice with the relationship I’m in. I’m originally for Brooklyn NY grew up in Long-island moved to Atlanta for school (Georgia state) met a 28 year old wolf on jackd. I’m 20 we have really good chemistry we’ve been off and on a couple of times. Recently I moved in with him to save money on housing he has a townhouse in Atlanta and I thought why not so I moved in about a month ago and 2 weeks ago my boyfriend lost his job I work part time at w grocery store so I help out but it’s simply not enough my boyfriend tells me he puts up an add on jackd i instantly get upset and tell him I don’t think this is a good idea he says I don’t want to put an add on Craigslist because the overflow of responses would be to much. Ok so I’m out of town visiting family for the weekend and I call my boyfriend multiple times no answer so he calls me the next day and says sorry bae I was interviewing the new room mate I said why didn’t u tell me ohh u where in a mood. Okay cool he then tells me he’s a bottom light skin and sends me a picture of him I say ok he’s a bottom i don’t care why are u sending me a picture of him ohh just so u can kno what the new roomate looks like. He then says that he told him about me and showed him my Instagram and says this is my boyfriend. So I’m confused once again why are u showing this boy my Instagram now he says to my boyfriend am I the type to say something if he says hi to my boyfriend while he has his underwear on I then say wtf are u serious this is total disrespect unless he wants his ass whipped I don’t think this is a good idea my boyfriend says I’m over reacting we get into a huge argument he’s saying I need to get over myself I now want to go to this boys job and fight him. I feal like he can have him,  Aswell as im looking to move out I need advice

Jamari please help














i read this f0xmail and i got tite.
i won’t even lie.
a lot of things about it made me vex.
lets start with the first thing:

“my boyfriend tells me he puts up an add on jackd”

why in god’s name would you put an ad for a roommate on a sex site?
my thing is an normal person would put an ad on craigslist.
who cares about the overflow of responses?
*sniff sniff sniff*
i’m already smelling the slight stink of bullshit.
first reason for me to serve him ex lax chocolates.
this was the second thing:

“I call my boyfriend multiple times no answer so he calls me the next day and says sorry bae I was interviewing the new room mate I said why didn’t u tell me ohh u where in a mood”

see that is a total lack of respect.
you and your wolf are BOTH living together.
you also need to be there when he is interviewing candidates.
this is a 50/50 sit-chu-a-tion.
bad enough he is alone interviewing someone from jackd.
bad enough he didn’t answer your calls.
thats where the stink really started to waft.
second reason all his tires would be flat.
now this is the third thing:

“He then says that he told him about me and showed him my Instagram and says this is my boyfriend. So I’m confused once again why are u showing this boy my Instagram now he says to my boyfriend am I the type to say something if he says hi to my boyfriend while he has his underwear on”

this is where they both wake up in pig’s blood.

i don’t know how much money you got in the bank,
but its time for you to look into moving out.
i don’t see this ending well.
like this sounds like stress and future prescriptions of xanax.
like why is your boyfriend not looking for another job?
why is he lookin’ for a roommate in the first place?
it sounds like you gonna be at work slaving,
and he is going to be at home fuckin’.
this is all there is to it.
sadly it is his townhouse,
so he can pretty much do what he wants.
you don’t want to be in a situation when the disrespect starts.
it will be you vs them.
if you break up with him,
you will be forced to watch them play house.
thats when they will get bold and start fuckin’ in ya face.
if anything pops off,
and you put them paws on them,
he can always says he owns that townhouse and throw you out.
he has no respect for you or the relationship.
i say start getting your act together and find your own spot.
even if you have to rent a room.
you don’t have to tell him anything.
real foxes move in silence.
never be at the mercy of a jackal in wolf’s clothing.

S1e19_Mike_Captured_animationi hope this helps.
please keep me updated.
and also no fighting like a common street rat.
bow out gracefully and let the universe get him.
those results usually the best kick in the balls anyway.

jamari fox

15 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Boyfriend Found Our New Roommate on Jackd. Help!

  1. Very bad idea to bring someone else into the household. Plus there is no way I would be ok with my guy placing an ad on Jack’d…why tf would he do that unless he is looking for sex. Get out as fast as you can!

  2. Don’t have sex with your boyfriend because those Atlanta boys are fast. Im not too sure, but doesn’t Atlanta has the highest rating for HIV/AIDS? So yea don’t open your booty for him. Now get your ass back to the campus and forget him because this whole situation has too many warning signs going off. And please don’t cry because you’re Brooklynite and a New Yawka, we’re tough people, and he ain’t worth the tear. Anyway meeting/dating a guy from a sex site is not good at all, it supposed to be a hit/miss operation, no love no relationship. Just sex and get out of my face. There’s other men, so don’t worry.

  3. Then why do you want to fight the other dude?!

    YOUR boyfriend is on a sex site looking for a sexy roommate and he got what he was looking for.

    I’d be going upside HIS head.

    Hell, I’d be scared to get a roommate from Craigslist too. If I didn’t know anyone that could move in, I’d just have to downsize.

    I watch too much of the Investigation Discovery channel to be living with just anyone.

    1. The reader just has to get his shit together, but it will be too late by then. SMH. Dude is already in his boyfriend’s house and he allowed it to happen. You know the dude who moved in his probably cute too.

      S/N: ID channel is the shit.

  4. Situations like this is the reason why I come to this comment section and raise hell every now and then, maybe more often than that lol. My knowledge of Jack’d is limited, I only know what I hear from other people, mostly you guys. Nevertheless, I do know that is not a site one should go in search of a roommate. You know I’m going to keep it real with you. Jack’d is a site that only leads to meeting gay dudes. Why did the roommate have to be a gay? He’s intentions are already not genuine because he went there. Craigslist was the way to go, I don’t give a damn how many messages he got. He wanted a roommate right? Get outta here. You wolf wants to bang this dude, whether you know it or not. He may try to get you to engage to threesomes, no scratch that, I know he will. An older Wolf will influence a young Fox in a heartbeat. I’ve seen it happen. He thinks you naive and inexperienced, and gonna have you sharing him and shit. Nah Why do you think he showed you a picture of dude? Then on top of that his sexual position. Was that even necessary? It was to see your reaction. Honesty, I would leave his ass altogether for being blatantly disrespectful, but now it’s too late because you already agreed to them living together. He sounds like a sneaky ass dude fo real, and you know he has done some shady shit in the past.

  5. Get out and run. That man is truly trying to run game. People do what you allow. I say you shouldn’t allow the disrespect. Good Luck.

  6. I couldn’t agree more….get the fuck outta there….I also wouldn’t make it a big production either. Reader, I want you to be very thankful for this. Why? Be thankful that you can be clear about what you want. A real relationship is about the art of negotiation, clear boundaries, respect, and open, honest communication. None of these seem to be present in what you presented here. Don’t get mad….get clear! Oh while you are doing that….move

  7. Before I state my opinion, let me just say I can be accused of being many things.

    Crazy…insecure…whorish…but never, EVA STUPID!

    I was on sex sites way before I was legal messing with dudes so I can peep game even when dealing with the older ones that think I’m naive.

    This dude wants some live in booty while you’re at work and school.

    He probably thought maybe you’d be down for a threesome but clearly you’re not.

    Your first mistake was moving into HIS place. No matter what you contribute to the house, you’re under his roof bro.

    You dudes can be dumb in love and want to normalize gay relationships all you want, but 95% of them end faster than a woman’s cycle!

    What happens then? You end up homeless, broke, or living in a hellish situation where you’re supposed to resting your head. Smh

    Always have your own shit!! I don’t care if you’re head over heels and over at his spot 6 out of 7 days a week. Always. Have. Your. Own. Shit.

    Any man over 21 advertising on jackd for a roommate sets off all kinds of alarms for me. He doesn’t know these people or what kind of personality he’s bringing into the place where you guys are living.

    My advice is to be upfront with your boyfriend about how you feel. Then make sure you move your behind back on campus or out of that house as soon as you can bro.

    I’m sorry if I sound too passionate, but I’ve seen this situation happen soooo many times.

    My city is filled with young dudes that are on the streets, living couch to couch, and some are even prostituting themselves just to eat and their stories are often very similar to this.

    I want to see this dude finish school and not end up in a very bad situation.

    I am glad he asked for advice and I hope he takes heed to the advice we’re giving him.

  8. First of all, I wouldn’t interview someone off jack’d to walk my dog, let alone live with me. Secondly, you should have never moved in with him in the first place. You guys were off and on. Not in a serious relationship. That in between “we’re together but not really together” stuff is just a disaster waiting to happen especially if you are living together. Get out as fast as you can.

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