f0xmail: The Married Wolf Who Wants The Bunz, Hunz.


Ok, as I continue to wait for “The One” to show up in my life. I meet a guy that’s just my type of man. I will call him Daddy Cub. After a few texts we finally meet face to face. As a single Scorpion brother, I seek for a relationship. I found out he’s married and all he want is a f-buddy….I shouldn’t involve myself with a married man but is it a waste of ambition on what I want because a married man will not go as far as the relationship he already has and on the side activity would be recreational…


one of my readers sent this quickie for me today.
i was gonna respond,
but it was ironic how this email matched up with a convo i was having today.
i had to share some thoughts with the foxhole…

so i needed a break and decided to go hang out with the mailroom wolves.
i love the straight wolves because i always learn so much.
there world is rather interesting than the vixens and even the gays.

one of the mailroom wolves has been engaged for 2 years.
he is attractive.
if he got down,
i probably wouldn’t date him tho.
as a fox,
i have learned to sniff out shenanigans.
his scent wasn’t obvious,
but there was something.
well i thought he and his fiancee where a perfect relationship.
i met her and she is so sprung.
well turn out that he cheats on her ever so often.
que: the something.
he does fuck some of the baddest joints when it permits.
he doesn’t get caught up in the “side chick” thing tho.
he gives them the pipe and sends them on their way.
well he is fuckin’ one tonight that has been trying to get at him hardbody.
i ended up asking him why he cheats on his fiance…

“man it usually just happens.
i love my girl,
but i love pussy too much.
look at her.
you telling me you wouldn’t smash this…”

i mean she was cute in the face.
big tits.
stupid fat ass.
she has been sending him all kinds of nasty pictures.
she is starving for his pipe.

if i was straight,
i definitely wouldn’t turn her down.
its easy and ready.
i was a little disappointed with his answer tho.
i think i only know of one successful relationship.
every other,
the straight wolf has like 5 or 6 bitches in rotation.
the wife/girlfriend thinks everything is cool when they go out.
he is really out banging some hoe during “wolf’s night out”.
hell sometimes together.
i guess you get all the good pussy when you are taken?
it made me wonder if every wolf will cheat on you these days?
it don’t matter.
it’s hard to find a relationship,
but when you do,
you gotta accept that you may just be cheated on.
good ass.
good head.
good personality.
good looks.
again: don’t even matter.
do you accept it?
or do you bounce if you find out?
thing 2 admitted that she is open to an open relationship.
i’m starting to think i would be as well.
i guess thats just where the dating world is headed.
so like my reader meeting that married wolf,
do you just say “fuck it” and enjoy the perks of easy pipe?
he clearly isn’t “the one”,
but he could be just “the one right now”.
thats the way some these wolves think nowadays anyway.

“i love my fox,
but there is just too much ass out here…”

i’m not saying every wolf has thottish ways,
but a vast majority do.
i guess as long as he comes home at night?
oh and he don’t give that bitch none of our money.
noi don’t play with the fundz hunz.
i’ll cut cho ass.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “f0xmail: The Married Wolf Who Wants The Bunz, Hunz.”

  1. You should leave this man alone. You will fall this married man because he is just your type as you stated, which will lead to you catching feelings for a man who is unavailable to you. Foxes develop emotional feelings that Wolves don’t, even if the relationship is based on sex. Wolves are similar to straight men, bang whoever they want without any emotional attachment, and wake up the next day without feeling any emotions at all.

  2. After married I stopped reading. I just don’t understand the allure of a married man. If I see a ring or any inclination that he is married or taken or even talking to someone besides me, I chalk it up to the game.

    I give two fucks about a relationship or fuck buddy that damn bad to live a life full of regrets. smh.

  3. Hmm I am thinking about being an angel, but as well as a hoe. Shit I don’t want my man to cheat on me otherwise he can’t sleep with me because I don’t want to get infected.

  4. Please don’t lower your morals just for some Dick. You want a boyfriend he wants a fuck buddy , you having sex with him won’t make him all of a sudden change his mind . Please wait until you find someone worth your time and respect.

  5. I will tell no lies…

    I’m messing with a dude that is married but I’m not that into him. He just provides a variation from mundane routine.

    He has no problem taking me on trips or out to eat even though I decline most of the time.

    I will say he’s more attentive and caring than any other dude I’ve met. Still not into him though. I think that’s why some ppl in general target married or committed men. Obviously the fact they are attached proves they are/were capable of commitment.

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