i am be the greatest fox alive.
i live a comfortable life.
i am wealthy.
i know ballers wolves.
i have great friends.
i have amazing readers.
i have a lot of connections.
i will continue to be a success with ideas.

all of those things are absolutely true.
some just haven’t happened yet,
but some have already started happening.
they will because i have aligned my self talk with my desires.

in life, you could either be beaten down and accept the bullshit life hands to you.
start getting yourself ready for battle.
you need to be brave in this world.
life is not for weaklings and softies.
only the strong survive.
being black and liking men already puts you behind everyone else…
or does it?
we are lucky in many ways.
for one,
no annoying child support and we tend to be blessed with SUPER HUMAN LIKE talent.

we choose which direction we want to go.
we choose how people will react to us.
we also choose whether we want respect or bad treatment.
i demand respect.
you should too.
that is the first step in aligning yourself towards where you want to be.
no one should tell you who you are.
you should ALWAYS tell them.
below are some rules i follow to be great…

1. i travel everywhere.
i want to see new places and meet new people.
i get a high from being in a whole new place where no one knows me.
i google places i want to see and go.
i let my imagination run wild of me actually in these places.
i also went to every airline and started to fill out their rewards memberships and ff miles points.
i need that ready so that when it is time for me to book my flights,
i am already in the system.

2. i live in a nice townhouse.
i go and look at homes online.
my homes.
i take virtual tours often.
i imagine my furniture in these homes.
i go to different states online and explore neighborhoods.
i saw this gorgeous loft in downtown atlanta that made me cum on myself.
the stadium was literally a couple blocks away.

3. i have a serious wardrobe.
i go to various gear and sneaker sites and browse.
i hit up all the expensive places in my city and window shop.
i filled out for online deals.
i am on mailing lists.
i picture myself in the clothes and sneakers looking like FOX SWAGG.
i’m the best dressed in the room.

4. i have a nice car.
i am addicted to cars.
so what do i do?
i head to all the dealerships of the cars that i like.
i have test driven cars i would like to own.
i go online.
no price is too expensive.
i think i have mentally test drove ever car i have ever looked at.

lowkey: i would like my driver to take me to events.

5. i have a good boyfriend.
i also know a ton of wolves who respect me.
i already align myself with wolves in general because i write about them.
i show you what i like and attracted too.
i also write about what turns me off.
it is all in what i want in my life.

6. i am happy.
life is already tough as is.
but i working on not letting sadness bring me down anymore.
i started to cut people out of my life.
the ones who are just there.
i removed the past and things i couldn’t change.
doors that will remained closed.
i have opened up my life for positivity.

your dreams won’t be the same as mine.
they won’t be extravagant.
they may be really simple.
but, do you believe it?
it is one thing to say you WANT it,
but do you actually BELIEVE it?

start to believe it.
you are worth ANYTHING you want in this world.
nothing is too great or too small.
so here is what you start doing:

  • start putting yourself in the path of what you want.
  • change your self talk because what you say, you believe.
  • trust your voice within and have faith.
  • start reading magazines that offer the life you want.
  • cut anything negative out your life that contradicts what you want.
  • make a plan and stick with it.
  • only talk to wolves/foxes/hybrids that live up to your expectations.
  • do not let people’s insecurities or negativity bring you down.

and the most important rule…


nothing comes to the fox/wolf/hybrid who is lazy.
you need to put yourself out there and make these moves.
once you start, things will start going into place.

start the path in being on the right alignment.



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