Anthony Davis and His Eyebrows Know How To Budget Dem Checks

i remember i aksed if rookies get classes on how to manage their money.
well, i did get my answer in a comment box AND with some f-bi research on my part…

anthony davis wants you!…..

.…to know he knows budget.
would anyone date him?
or, is his eye brows a deal breaker?
well he this interview shows him in a different perspective…

see what i did there?
and another player you may like as well….


i bet he would fuck your brains out.
don’t sleep foxes.
another wolf we like also attended this seminar…


no dick report on this wolf yet?
i know a vixen is willing to talk if some cheese is fed.
he is already following all light skin vixens so i already know where this about to go.

i still can’t get over when he said he was buying his sister christian louboutins tho.
i see this class got his mind right.

he also revealed who his celeb crush is.
no, it’s not me.
someone i am sure you wouldn’t be surprised to hear:


i think rihanna has another wolf on her mind these days.
but i think they would be a good look.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Anthony Davis and His Eyebrows Know How To Budget Dem Checks

  1. ROTFLMAO@the gif.

    I loved that interview. He’s smart money wise and I like that. I wish more athletes had a mindset like him. He’s right about what he said about family members. You get rich and all of a sudden you got so many family members you didn’t know about. Like where were you when I was broke? I don’t you from a stranger off the street. Oh and don’t get me started on the fake friends. I will say that he is supposed to help people who helped him, now that is a must.

    Now I don’t find him attractive physically, but mentally he’s smart, so I’d hit it for sure.

  2. I love this guy, he’s so smart…. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and he’s guarded for the right reasons… I like that….

  3. had a st lucian guy guy with a uni hated that fucking thing but negro was build like a mac truck and could please the foxhole

  4. That gif made me itch. I can’t explain it.

    And Thomas will get the trick…or treat…or whatever she calls herself. Just kidding. But I bet he will be getting her goodies soon.

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