MEAT: (245)

an f-bi sent me some chocolate to taste…

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Anthony Davis and His Eyebrows Know How To Budget Dem Checks

i remember i aksed if rookies get classes on how to manage their money.
well, i did get my answer in a comment box AND with some f-bi research on my part…

anthony davis wants you!…..

.…to know he knows budget.
would anyone date him?
or, is his eye brows a deal breaker?
well he this interview shows him in a different perspective…

see what i did there?
and another player you may like as well….

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Who Is Doing Thomas Robinson’s PR?

someone just sent me this video and i’m like:

are you serious??????

i’m rooting for him too but this ain’t it…

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Premium Meat of my Minute: Thomas Robinson

as usual,
hoodsworld keeps me updated on who needs to be licked in pre and baller wolf land.
so, i guess you are wondering which one is thomas, right?
well, you should already know…

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