when your own friend(s) don’t believe in your dreams…

pursuing our dreams can be tough.
we are told we can accomplish anything but it ain’t easy,
i’ll font you that.
when our own parents and family don’t believe in us,
we turn to our friends to stand with us.
they pull out their pompoms and cheer you on from the sidelines.
it’s that support that help us to keep going.
what happens tho when a friend that you have supported in the past

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which “freddy krueger” hurt you?

freddy krueger.
the iconic slasher from the 80s.
you know who he is.
if not,
i’ll need a full watch party of his first movie.
as the story of freddy krueger goes,
he was a child killer from a small town in springwood, ohio.
it wasn’t until a gang of parents banned together and killed him.
after death,
he came back as a spirit to haunt teenagers in their dreams.
they had to stay awake in order not to enter his world.
as soon as you heard this chant


…it was pretty much over for you.
as much as it was just a movie to scare you into not sleeping,
some of us have/have had a freddy in our own lives…

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Ask Me My Talent

tumblr_mwidaa31Ho1s9ox3qo4_500why does going after your dreams feel so…
it makes you feel kinda insecure?
almost like you want to give up?
like why does that happen?
why is it when we are confronted with what we want,
or something we thought we knew we wanted,
(until we got all the logistics)
that we buckle?
it can feel like throwing it in the air,
running far away,
and never coming back.
our careers look easy in our minds,
but we have no idea the hard work that goes into it.
acting is hard work.
modelling is hard work.
rapping is hard work.
writing is hard work.
fashion is hard work.
blogging is hard work.
college is hard work.
careers are hard work.
everything requires some kind of sacrifice.
so i had to ask…

You thought it was gonna be easy, huh?
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One Day I’ll Look Back At This and Take A Shot

tumblr_m6ldsysiIV1qzeufnsometimes i wonder if its obvious when its time to move forward in life.
like are there any signs?
does god ring a bell that only you hear?
do you have to hear that you’re good enough before hand?
i see so many people getting stuck.
working these dead ends jobs until they can’t do it anymore.
watching their dreams pass them by with every punch in/punch out.
all they do is complain about their shit head boss and full of shit co workers.
it scares me.
being that person scares the fuck out of me.
can i be real with the foxhole tonight…
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The Journey of The Ignored

Bridge-of-Heaven-Tenti was talking to a wolf and he said this:

“i’m trying to pop off in my career and no one is taking me seriously.
people ignore me and i feel like maybe i should give up…”

i felt him.
its hard to want to be something and feel ignored.
i understood what he was talking about.
sometimes i feel that way with this site,
but i figured i’d be real with him
(and everyone else who is in the same boat)…
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I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Cause My Visions Get Better Every Day

tumblr_muse54QS7C1qdjdbzo1_500i have these visions sometimes.
i could be listening to a certain song,
in the middle of meditating,
or the way the sun beams through my curtains.
its that moment when everything is completely still.
its when this unexplainable feeling will wash over me.
it feels me feel so good.
it can last from 5 minutes to 15.
in those moments is when i imagine what would make me most happiest.
i often wonder if it’s a preview for the future?
a foreshadow of whats to come in my life?
well last night…
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