which “freddy krueger” hurt you?

freddy krueger.
the iconic slasher from the 80s.
you know who he is.
if not,
i’ll need a full watch party of his first movie.
as the story of freddy krueger goes,
he was a child killer from a small town in springwood, ohio.
it wasn’t until a gang of parents banned together and killed him.
after death,
he came back as a spirit to haunt teenagers in their dreams.
they had to stay awake in order not to enter his world.
as soon as you heard this chant


…it was pretty much over for you.
as much as it was just a movie to scare you into not sleeping,
some of us have/have had a freddy in our own lives…

my “freddy” has been a lot of things growing up.
from a fear of my sexuality,
what others thought about me,
to an insane need to be perfect,
i would often be left paralyzed with fear.
it was those moments i’d be alone in my own thoughts that he’d pop up.
over the years,
i allowed the nightmares to manifest into full-blown insecurities.
it wasn’t until i decided to start facing my fears is when things got better.
some things i ended up defeating,
while others are taking a little more time.

“freddy” doesn’t always have to be within you.
“freddy” could be a human that draws the insecurities out of you.
our parents can be one.
our fears are what’d they do if they “found out”.
others could be those around us.
the people we secretly want to be liked by.
nothing is worst than being exiled because we’re “different”.
there’s a small few that are traumatized by full-fledged demons we’ve encountered.
those jackals or hyenas who took our innocence by molestation or rape.
because those secrets run a lot deeper than the rest,
they end up locking us in a cage.
we keep walls up so we don’t let others in.
it isn’t until we face the fear of sharing that story,
we won’t ever move forward to finally being free.

as i’ve learned on my own journey,
and many foxhole entries of past,
is that freedom comes once you stand up to your fears.
your “freddy” might be the reason your relationships don’t last.
it could also be the reason why people don’t like being around you.
it’ll help open doors and tear down walls that kept us guarded.
love and friendship being one of them.
when i share my truth to you all,
i battle my own “freddy” daily.
so whatever is going on in your background,
and haunts you in your personal nightmares,
you might need to put on your big boy pants and take that muthafucka head off.

you see the one snow vixen in those movies that gets to fighting him.
life is much better when you don’t have “freddy” keeping you up at night.

10 thoughts on “which “freddy krueger” hurt you?

  1. I for one…thought this was a great read. You never know where people ARE and even if to some it may seem repetitive, for others it’s an encouraging message that the feelings that they feel aren’t random and that they aren’t alone.

    Thanks Jamari. ✊🏾

  2. I had two Freddy’s. Fucked my whole world up. Vanquished their asses too.
    Tried to come back for a sequel, but I wasn’t having it. I turned my back and negated my energy…and poof, they were gone.

  3. Yeah. It’s something that bears repeating. People need to remove them Freddy’s. They can paint a negative picture in your life…

    Also, I originally thought this posts was about the IRS…litera lit everyone’s nightmare.

    Have a good producrive we Jamari!

    Until next post! ✊

  4. WHY are all of your articles the EXACT SAME? you change the titles & the metaphors, but the theme of your posts all center around the same repeated thoughts, ideas, perspective and concept. WE GET IT! if you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, please expand the ways in which you approach your postings. I appreciate your transparency. I think that is incredible & raw. I’m simply tired of you literally making the exact same statements and telling the exact same stories over and over again. You don’t realize that you write the same article 5 times each week, but simply change the title of the post, the stock photos & metaphors used to tackle your internal truth? Try something NEW in order to garner a new outcome.

    1. ^brent,

      thank you for such a comment.
      i’ve seen some of your comments in the past and you have never been for me or my work.
      it’s okay as i’m not for everyone.
      you have had issues over my past views on certain topics.
      i might be the freddy in your life.
      i don’t expect you to ever get or understand me so for that,
      i won’t try and don’t care to.
      if my repetitive entries bothers you so much,
      you are welcomed to leave.
      no one is stopping you.

      have a great rest of your night.
      i’m sure i’ll see you again.

      1. My ONLY ISSUE with your work of the past was the irresponsible, ignorant & crass ways in which you would tackle trans issues. Since my commentary, you have stopped writing articles or making posts about trans women altogether. It was a lane you were totally unprepared to handle appropriately.

        I can guarantee that you will now pay closer attention to the types of other articles you write. You are much too gifted to continue posting the SAME recycled content. I look forward to the positive changes. If you refuse to follow my constructive criticism, you will continue pandering to the same limited audience & never receiving the type of advertising support that you so much desire. There has been no growth in the past three years specifically & I know it’s possible.

        Start planning for your 2019.

        1. ^my only issue is i take the constructive criticism,
          but there is a way to go about things.
          you were really nasty and rude.
          i have never addressed you in such a manner.
          not only that,
          you could have sent me an email with your concerns.
          you chose to be insulting and down right vicious.
          you haven’t changed within the last three years either.

          learn how to talk to people if you want to get your point across brent.

    1. ^which is the scariest part all in its own.
      usually it’s the “freddy” in your head
      i’ve learned most things aren’t as scary as we make them out to be.
      we will be okay if we choose to be.

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