i am responsible for your trauma and insecurities because of everything i do to you.

i was talking to one of my home vixens today.
we were discussing 2020 and things we have learned this year.
it’s no secret that this year has literally taken most of us through the wringer.
many of us made it out stronger,
others are still in the process,
and the rest are still chasing outside validation.
i learned many things this year,
but one thing i’ve had a lot of training in…

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i’m a self-sabotaging snack (please eat me)

i fonted on twitter the other day:

“I’ve been wasting my handsome-ness on dusties.”

i meant that in the most non-conceited way possible.
i was actually taking some self inventory of myself,
it’s true was true tho.

I’m Jamari Fox and I’m a fear based,
self sabotaging,
and insecure fox.
Nice to meet you.
Where is the bathroom?

no seriously,
i have to pee.
i realized it’s all my fault and i’m glad i’m able to recognize that…

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which “freddy krueger” hurt you?

freddy krueger.
the iconic slasher from the 80s.
you know who he is.
if not,
i’ll need a full watch party of his first movie.
as the story of freddy krueger goes,
he was a child killer from a small town in springwood, ohio.
it wasn’t until a gang of parents banned together and killed him.
after death,
he came back as a spirit to haunt teenagers in their dreams.
they had to stay awake in order not to enter his world.
as soon as you heard this chant


…it was pretty much over for you.
as much as it was just a movie to scare you into not sleeping,
some of us have/have had a freddy in our own lives…

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I Hate Myself and I Wish I Were Dead


A word that can be like a big ass pimple before a photo shoot.
Don’t they just pop up at the wrong fuckin’ times?
Like, life can be going smooth and then some shit happens and you aren’t as sure of yourself as you should be.
You sit dwelling about what you should have done differently.
Replay the scene in your head and pause to analyze.

It sucks, but what do you think of this statement down below…

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