i’m a self-sabotaging snack (please eat me)

i fonted on twitter the other day:

“I’ve been wasting my handsome-ness on dusties.”

i meant that in the most non-conceited way possible.
i was actually taking some self inventory of myself,
it’s true was true tho.

I’m Jamari Fox and I’m a fear based,
self sabotaging,
and insecure fox.
Nice to meet you.
Where is the bathroom?

no seriously,
i have to pee.
i realized it’s all my fault and i’m glad i’m able to recognize that…

males are attracted to me.
whether they are gay,
or curious,
many males (regardless of roles) are very attracted to me.
even the vixens are attracted to me.
i’m attractive and carry myself well so why wouldn’t they?
the issue is because of my many insecurities and fears,
it made me very closed off to persons of interest.

Why would males pursue me if my body language says “STAY AWAY!”?

the ones i did attract,
that may have been good for me,
i ended up self sabotaging.
when you are running on believing everything is wrong with you,
and you only see what’s wrong,
you think everyone is out to get you.
it also can make you very desperate to have everyone love and fuck you as well.
that’s what i did with those wolves.

I found something wrong in everything they were doing that was good for me.

some of them i weren’t attracted to,
and we just weren’t compatible,
but i didn’t have the confidence to let them know i wasn’t interested.
i ended up leading them on until they finally fell off.

Totally fuck boi behavior that I’m not proud of

most of that behavior comes from the things i needed to fix within myself.
now that i’m in the process of righting my wrongs,
i can see exactly where i have messed up in my life.
did i mention i come with a voice note?
well check this out…

ima come out of this rona glo’d TF up.

it’s gonna be a whole situation ima need the foxhole to keep tuned into.

low-key: i hope you’re working on yourself too foxhole!
take advantage of this.
simply working on your bawdy doesn’t end the trauma.

Author: jamari fox

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