(get in here, get in here, get in here…) mj harris jumps into something new.

note to self: never scam the foxhole.
that’s no-brainer.
i find folks that have platforms these days,
who are tired of moving “slow”,
tend to want to shake shit up.
the kardashians are masters at manipulating the media to their advantage.
it seems like the foxhole may have been right about mj harris.
i saw this come down my timeline this morning…


if this was a scam…

It was a pretty smart one

it had everyone talking,
brought him new best friends,
probably got some a1 sex,
and has a new home to do it in.
if he was smart,
he would call corey over for “emergency dick in a glass” when he needs it.

if this was a whole scheme and scam,
he played the game as every celeb does when they need a story line.
i hope you don’t think most of these celeb “drama” is real.

Genuine drama happens when a celeb has nothing to sell or push.

so if mj took a page of that book,
we can’t be mad.
i’m certainly not mad as it made for good font.
the foxhole called this might not be genuine as it appears.
be mad at yourself for getting duped.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “(get in here, get in here, get in here…) mj harris jumps into something new.”

  1. I’ve always believed that everything you see on TV is scripted and rehearsed, I shall now add Social Media to that list as well.

  2. 🙄🥺🥱😤
    If doing too much (for no damn reason) was a person…. Is he auditioning for a role in a movie or for Tyler Perry’s dick?

    So he didnt buy a home with all of the money he is now making?

    He did the move by himself but had movers to help…? huh..He moved a box like he moves during sex…very little..smh.

    Not focused on whats behind him huh…lol. Any dick will do now huh MJ? I dont get him and not trying to…def wont follow

  3. When his wisdom that he hands out can’t t stand on its own, he’s got to be extra. Someone sent me a IG post of his and I decided to follow him for a short time because he seemed very charismatic and wise. I don’t need a west coast Nene. If you need to fabricate a relationship to stay relevant(Kim… Kenya) count me out.

    Let’s see… he has aired his business…. Flaunted his wealth… The next phase will probably be addressing his “haters”.

  4. MJ already had money tho, that’s actually how I first got introduced to him on YouTube, through his financial advice videos, now I’m sure this boost in views helped with some extra income, but I seriously doubt his stunt with Cory GOT him this new house, he was already doing well for himself financially

  5. I believe YouTube is paying apps $3-5 ad dollars for every 1,000 views so at 1.3 million views he would be netting about $4,000-6,500 bucks. Not bad for a GAG! 😛 I wish no ill will on no one and don’t knock the hustle but pride comes before a fall. I desire to spend nobody’s money but my own. #ByeFelicia

  6. Apparently he didn’t read The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He is as good as canceled for this Phaedra-esque stunt. Playing with people money, not cool. Playing with people emotions, THAT will get you fucked up!

  7. His boyfriend is super cute. I like MJ. He and I think on the same plane in terms of investments. I don’t know much about him as a whole but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some other sources of passive income somewhere.

    Also, is what he did any different than those teasing straight dudes who make Onlyfans pages?

  8. I knew it was essentially a reality show drama, so I’m not surprised he generated all those views. Get your bag, girl! If you don’t take it as real and just go with the stories he’s creating–think of it as a Black gay telenovela or novel or something–it’s actually fun and funny. Corey/Zario can give some I-can’t-wait-to-f*ck-your-brains-out looks too.

    MJ needs some new drama, so maybe he can do a 90 Day Fiancé-type storyline involving a gorgeous brotherman from Cuba-France-Senegal-DR-South Africa-Haiti-Egypt, etc. I would have listed Brazil but Kyle G has that one covered for now.

  9. It wasn’t convincing though.

    The problem with pulling stunts for attention and money is the next one always has to be bigger…until things go all bad.

    Ask Jussie Smollet. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. When he’s in a real relationship, people will remember this stunt. How will he profit then? There’s a difference between infamous and famous.

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