i’m TIED of marvin bienaime and this damn charles (TIED)

so i’m down in bk at a basketball game,
living my best “inbetween blessings” life,
and the foxhole decides to turn me tf on.
ya’ll ain’t right.
turns me on HEAVY.
marvin bienaime too.
he’s always the main culprit with his shoots.
so it was about charles.
oh charles.
just look at what marvin posted with charles in another shoot…

what seems to be pipe in those polo draws?

it wasn’t until marvin posted this:


is it wrong to font that i’d let him break a hotel headboard over my head?
if i find out he gets down and he cums to new yawk…
it’s over that for pipe.
he’s the type that would bring the nasty hoe energy straight outta me.

i mean,
wouldn’t you?

lowkey: charles is about to win “finest wolf of 2018” in the foxhole.
i’d love to give him his trophy…

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “i’m TIED of marvin bienaime and this damn charles (TIED)”

  1. This Charlie guy is definitely one of the hottest guys I’ve seen in quite a while, but there is something about Marvin Bienaime that creeps me the f*ck out, I don’t like looking at his selfies. And from what I can tell, it seems like he wants to be desired just as much as the men he photographs. But Marvin, nobody is checking for your lip gloss greasy looking ass so please STOP posting selfies of yourself.

    Yes I said it! 😗

  2. He’s attractive but I think all of these guys look the same to me. Abs, muscular back, muscular booty and cute face I’m becoming bored IG is oversaturated with it now there are so many Marvin-like photographers out there. I think I would like it more if his photoshoots had themes where they actually wear clothes. Sometimes after you see something so much it loses it’s luster

    1. It’s what the photographers build their business on. Get the guys to show off the “goods” and build a following. Some of them have amazing photo-shoots and locations, but it is the same thing…half naked shots in underwear, ass shots, or bulge shots. A few have full nude shots, tastefully done.

      What amazes me is how many of these gay photographers get these supposedly straight guys to pose for them.

  3. No shade but he is probably one of the finest men I’ve ever laid my eyes on lol. Got me over here drolling and what not. Brown skin with a tight body… 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. I don’t think the calendar is ever coming… I think that’s his storyline to get them naked. He’s shot over 12 guys already for this “calendar”… and yet nothing… not to mention who still buys calendars??? N3K shoots guys and his stuff be on connectpal the next week fully edited lol.

    1. n3k pics doesn’t do it for me idk why.lol And I kinda agree, he’s been saying he’s going to put out this calendar for a while.i feeel like the models probably won’t like that but I’m sure he has some of the best raw nude pictures in her camera/ phone… if we’ll ever see. Lol

  5. Marvin is flipping these guys, he’s been exposed and I side eye every dude that does a nude shoot with him, hell even a regular photo shoot. I am kinda ready for Marvin’s site where he’s going to sell nude calendars so we see everyone’s meat lol. (Will the models make money off these calendars?) Hmmm…
    Btw, it’s one of the more effortless guys he’s shot

  6. Lol, you so man crazy. 🤣

    Lord, when you get you wolf husband you ain’t gonna be no mo good. 🏄

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