marvin bienaime has a little problem i’m starting to notice

ya know foxhole,
i wrote a completely different entry about marvin bienaime earlier.
i nearly hit “publish”,
but i got distracted by something else.
it may have been the universe,
i dunno.
either way,
the entry was about how we need to support our black creatives.
how next to foto 119,
marvin is pretty much the only viral black photographer making moves.
i was defending him on his ranting about his stuff being reported to ig.
how no one does it to white and hispanic photographers and their nudes.
that is,
until i peeped some comments on the foxhole and my ig…

you get what you give.
i believe in giving the same energy that’s given to me.
you don’t ever see me going to other blogs/instagrams and being rude.
i’m never in other comments being sarcastic or bitchy.
jamari fox is real chill out here.
i’ve noticed that even if some folks disagree with my opinions,
i still get a lot of respect.
i’ve gotten dragged,
but it was respectfully compared to others i’ve seen.
i didn’t need any castor oil afterwards.

even if some attentionistos are upset i’ve feature them,
i get a ton of love/ from others who appreciate being featured.

Marvin Bienaime is creating silent enemies

they are waiting for him to fuck up so they drag him under.
the reason i font this is because he has a “blocking” issue.
i’ve seen a ton of folks say they got blocked by marvin.
i’ve noticed that anyone who asks him a question that he doesn’t like,
he will block them from off of his page.
why would he do that?

Those folks he blocked are coming for him?

when i’m asked a dumb question,
i choose to ignore it.
blocking someone should only be resorted for harassment.
the following question shouldn’t get allegedly get someone blocked either:

either you answer it or you don’t.
it seems to be only gays he is doing this too.
marvin should not be singling out the gay community.

one: the gays/bis/dls are his biggest fan base
two: vixens will turn on him if someone really comes with a scandal
three: he needs to stop acting like a celeb and get more down to earth

he already has whispers about the way he allegedly does business.
that created a spark.
there’s smoke in the hills of his forest.
it would be in his best interest to become a lot more friendly.
not just friendly to the models he shoots either.
i’m sure the vixens in his comments may think he’s gay or bi.
the moment he put himself in front of the camera,
that’s the moment he became the topic of judgment.
anyone who chooses the spotlight is going to get tried.
it takes tough skin to be a creative.
get it together marvin.
s’all i’m fonting.
i’m not gonna cancel him.
he hasn’t crossed me so i’ll continue to support his work.
i show him,
and his models,
a lot of love and i expect that in return.

low-key: i’m grateful for all of those who are respectful to me.
from readers,

and others.
thank you for giving me great energy.

26 thoughts on “marvin bienaime has a little problem i’m starting to notice

  1. Marvin is not a good guy. I’ve done professional modeling and almost worked with him.

    It’s true about the nude photo requests he does and he his very creepy and direct about it. Being as though i had experience, i laughed at the thought of someone casting you from a nude pic but I feel bad that I’m sure there re young guys who don’t know any better. He’s predatory.

  2. This is so ridiculous he blocks people, SO WHAT ?! i block people too. He doesn’t need a reason to block people it’s his page he will do whatever pleases him. Social media is not that deep please. People need to chill.

    1. @Louis Philippe

      You would be better served by looking into Marvin’s creepy behavior before popping off your mouth in his defense. Allow me to point you in a few directions just for reference. BLOCKING fans isn’t the only reason why his reputation is in question. The dude is cunty and creepy.

      And wait, there’s more!

  3. Don’t personally know the dude but he has an agenda lol and he does think he too cool for school. I’m actor, tryna do my thing on my own, I reached out for one of his challenges dude have a very specific taste he doesn’t like short or slim guys… TF so much for supporting black and Latino latent. HOMIE LIKEs BIG DICs, big asses, big pecs and big muscles only apparently. I guess his selling sex I’m not mad but he better stop acting so low key shady and making them fake as contests when he knows who the winners will be. 😂😂😂 fake ass industry never about the passion all about the looks, numbers and money.

  4. I’d say leave it alone. Are we for sure it’s actually him behind the page doing this though and if he has bad business practices, folks should just block him too and call it a day. If the Universe hasn’t brought it to light, leave it alone.

    I take folks comments with a grain of salt these days. Folks edit posts and evweything. Those women will say they asked him an “innocent” question but without proof, how do we know how innocent the question was? I will say that, if a lot of folks are saying the same thing, there is reason to raise an eyebrow.

    His sexuality is none of anyone’s business. I’d block a female too if she questioned how I run my business practices, my sexuality or my model’s sexualities (if I wasn’t working for a legitimate company), especially if she isn’t a photographer herself. Snapchat and Instagram selfies don’t make you a professional. If he know he running things right, he has nothing to worry about and will get the last laugh.

    I’m weary about criticism. Some folks confuse criticism with personal pleasure and others are just buttholes about it.

    If this guy is as bad as everyone says then the Universe will reveal what it is in due time. Until then, he (or whoever is in control of the account) will just keep blocking people.

    If he does turn our to be the “villain,” everything will fall down on him at once. It won’t be pretty when it does but that’s the hand your dealt in life for “cheating.”

  5. Marvin blocks women too.I have seen their(the women blocked) comments on other pages that post his videos.Some of them said they asked an innocent question. Others said he blocked them for questioning his sexuality and/or the sexuality of the models.I have also seen him curse out multiple women specifically in the last few weeks when guys started posting explicit or nude pics for his selfie challenge contest.Lipstick Alley even posted a screenshot of him cursing out a women who criticized him awhile ago.

  6. So is the problem is that he is blocking gay men? Meh, I still don’t see a problem. I’d go where I was wanted to be honest. Obviously, if he’s blocking gay men only, he doesn’t want to be bothered with them. He may not be reliant on gay men’s praises or care for their opinions. This may also be at the request of his models. Y’all know how thirsty gay men get compared to women sometimes.

    He seems to be handling this like a Chip n Dale’s nightclub…you know the ones that cater to females only… No Men..

    Also, doesn’t that model guy everyone been going crazy over and talking about in a recent post directly refer to women in his video as in, “Hello ladies.” Not “Hey, All Fans”

    I could be wrong but gay black men need to create their own platform that caters to gay men and stop pander over the straights. I don’t see any of them straights celebrating or throwing coins to LGBT functions but the minute a straight man with a Planet Fitness build a body pull off a shirt, they come running and worshipping.

    I usually don’t mind per se… A fine guy is a fine guy but most of the time, I’m pretty meh.

    Is this Marvin guy homosexual and blocking other gays or is he just an ambiguous photographer taking photos of naked men?

    If he’s so bad, why on Earth is he still getting models?

    I need to use my former detective skills and go find out more info about this guy since he seems to be causing such a stir for some reason.

  7. Jamari thank you for bringing attention to his antics. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who’s noticed his cunty behavior towards gay fans of his page. If I was the petty type I’d create aan army of bots and shut his shit down. But I’m not petty nor do I have the time, so I’ll let ruin himself.

    1. ^its like everyone has a story about getting blocked by him.
      at first i thought it was folks who may have been bothering/offended him,
      but there has been a lot of font.
      is he blocking vixens?
      or does he think they will be the ones to only buy his calendar?
      some of the things he is blocking people for is unacceptable.

      this gives him a story line tho.

      1. Jamari, no he’s NOT blocking vixens. In fact, when he features a model the message left under the photo or video is specifically addressed to females NOT the male fans of his page. If I sound salty it’s because I am! Why can’t we as men of color find and celebrate each other without some sort of drama? If it’s not about some fine instafamous dude preferring white dudes, it’s someone like Marvin who acts like he wants to be desired by his followers but because they’re not feeling him he blocks for arbitrary reasons.

        1. ^so here is the thing…

          he hasn’t said he is gay.
          even tho he isn’t a celeb,
          he is still a public feature.
          even tho he addresses his work towards females,
          that won’t stop gay males from making comments or liking.
          marvin is carrying on like business.
          it would also make his models uncomfortable to shoot with him.

          i’m trying to play devil’s advocate.

          1. @Jamari

            Playing “devil’s advocate” is fine, but if he’s blocking gay males just to appease a bunch of homophobic models then I want no part of that! Business or no business! And it’s beyond indefensible to justify. Marvin is also an alleged gay man himself from what I’ve witnessed and read online so that makes him even more of a reprobate.

          2. ^from what yc said,
            he allegedly blocks vixens.
            i think marvin doesn’t want anyone to ask him anything that he finds offensive or questions why he does things.
            if this is the case,
            he needs to stay bts.
            he can’t have it both ways.
            you can’t be in the spotlight and want to be private,
            but at the same time want the attention.

            you made a comment about him wanting to be/get the attention like his models.
            that might be a case.

  8. The dude wrote some comments about Nassau Bahamas giving the impression that Nassau was some backward country blah blah blah. He stated some info that was oncorreci. So I corrected him and told him via imstaInst comment that he could never be in Nassau as what he was saying was not true. I know as I fucking live there.

    The nigga suddently blocked me from his account. I was surprised. I did not call him out. I simply asked which island was he at as clearly he was NOT in Nassau.

    He sounded like those stupid Americans that travel for the first time to a Caribbean country and suddenly proclaim. ….OMG they have cars, they have street ligjtls 🤔

    As Maya Angello said when a nigga shows you who he is believe him. That’s when I realised this MF was a petty little pussy. So true to form thats what he likes to do. It’s only a matter of time when someone will roll his ass out and spread the receipts of his fucked up ways and sexual secrets. He’s a pervert as far as I’m concerned.

    We are all not perfect but at least I try to be ME and only ME, true to my ffriends and associates. He’s a narcissistic MF. But I will leave him to Master Time 🤣

  9. I don’t get any odd vibes from him Jamari…but that’s just going off the few pics I’ve seen and info about him. If that’s him in the top pic , he’s a handsome black man.

    Maybe, he’s handling things from a business perspective? Honestly, just my opinion but I see it totally fine that he blocks folks he doesn’t want to entertain if that’s his choice.

    Also, I’d like to add in this snippet of how deep society has gotten into social media. If someone blo ks me from a digital platform, am I supposed to be offended by it? Folks are so into social media these days, a block is like a bullet…

    I don’t know his true intentions. Everythang is word of mouth, however, if it’s a lot of folks, I don’t know if all of them could be lying for no reason.

    Also, these are grown men, not kids. They should have enough sense to know if someone is getting over on them if they really wanna be a model, they know what it takes, unless they are the usual narcissistic, my poop don’t stink type.

    Either way, good and bad, social press brings curious eyes.

    Depending on who you are, you can approach this from many ways, this Marvin situation:

    He’s giving blacks a shot at the model scene or you could argue that he is perpetuating the image of the black man as have a gym body is the most attractive thing ever further sexualizing black men as fetish material.

    Maybe this Marvin guy should do a fashion magazine?

    1. ^he may need to do some damage control.
      i’d love to interview him,
      but i doubt he’d be caught dead on the foxhole.

      he’s someone i’d want to interview.
      i have questions.

      1. since you are stationed in the NYC area, I think you definitely SHOULD begin interviewing people on camera. you can change your apartment into a mini studio. I’ve encouraged you before to add a visual element to your website. I think your audience would grow TREMENDOUSLY if you began sharing some of your thoughts, ideas and opinions on camera. VIDEOS are now all the rage. in order to expand your reach and to make these posts even more interesting, definitely ignite an interview VIDEO CAM RECORDED segment to your foxhole platform.

  10. if he’s blocking ppl over a simple question like that, how strange & petty of him. he could be stopping more work for the model. i mean if your following can’t ask questions, how you know what they want to see? i guess 🤷‍♂️

    1. ^ooooh good one kam!
      i didn’t even think how it’s stopping shine for the model.
      he runs an agency and blocking folks?
      he might need two igs.
      one for him and the other for the models.

  11. Something about Bienaime rubs me the wrong way…he makes my Piscean intuition tingle. Only the future with foretell if my suspicions are right. Until then I’m only here for the eye-candy.

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