when your own friend(s) don’t believe in your dreams…

pursuing our dreams can be tough.
we are told we can accomplish anything but it ain’t easy,
i’ll font you that.
when our own parents and family don’t believe in us,
we turn to our friends to stand with us.
they pull out their pompoms and cheer you on from the sidelines.
it’s that support that help us to keep going.
what happens tho when a friend that you have supported in the past

Doesn’t show the same support when it’s time to show up for you?

once they made it,
they start looking down on your dreams.

It sucks.

do you drop them?
remind them about how you supported them?
what’s the play?

i think these kinds of moments should be used as fire tbh.
it should be used as a source of motivation.

think of it like this.
when your parents and family don’t believe in your dreams,
or random basics we meet along the way,
you make it your mission to make it happen.
you want to prove them wrong so you can watch them switch up.
your friend(s) who do the same should get the same energy.
the question is…

How do you handle them once you’ve made it?

lowkey: it’s wild how complete strangers will show you more support than those you know.
people you never met will be your biggest cheerleaders than the ones you do know.

2 thoughts on “when your own friend(s) don’t believe in your dreams…

  1. Cut their ass off in a heartbeat, and don’t look back! I remember when I went back to school to get my Bachelor’s degree, so many of my “friends” were against the decision and were so negative. I stopped dealing with them and haven’t regretted it one bit. If someone is your friend, they will support your decision, and stand by you.
    Looking back, I think they were just afraid to step out of their comfort zones and try to better themselves.

  2. They’re not your friends. Actual friends are supposed to build you up and put you back together like Humpty Dumpty. When they make it, they’re supposed to now encourage, motivate and try to get you through the doors that you couldn’t before.

    I’m my best friend’s biggest cheerleader. A support system is rare to find and don’t be tricked by people who aren’t brave enough to go the nontraditional route but make you doubt yourself.

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