i watched the apple event for the iphone 13 and…

i had a blackberry before i transferred to an iphone.
i feel like every millennial had a blackberry until iphone came into the picture.
one by one,
you saw peace-out messages on blackberry messenger as folks dipped.
my first iphone was a 4 and i loved that little phone.

it lived a pretty good life until it dropped into the toilet one faithful morning.
you know how tight i was when siri was introduced with the 4s?
these days,
i use siri faithfully.
you can say i’m an apple stan.
no shade to android but i’m not into those phones.
i have a 12 pro max that i’m pretty obsessed with.
apple had their annual apple event to introduce the iphone 13 and tbh…


nothing they showed me made me want to upgrade.
everyone that i saw felt the same way.
that should have been their “s” model like how they use to do.

I was an “S” Fox during my upgrades.

 i don’t think folks should be upgrading iphones every year.
it’s a waste of time just for a camera bump tbh.
maybe it will be good for onlyfans and pornhub

one of my home wolves has an iphone 8 and i’ll 110:

The content he uploads on IG look as good as an up-to-date iPhone

pic and video apps work wonders.
i’ll skip this version and see what the iphone 14 is telling me.

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11 thoughts on “i watched the apple event for the iphone 13 and…

  1. I saw the event fully for the first time in years, and the underwhelmedness of it all was so palpable. I’m sure there was some innovation where tech specs were concerned, but as you said; nothing drew me to change my phone this year. Maybe next year i guess.

    1. ^ it was really uninspired.

      they may need to try coming out with phones every other year because there is not much left to do.
      they could start making the phones become teleportation devices.
      i’ll def upgrade for that.

      1. I was saying the same thing lol. The pressure to ‘perform’ every year just throws innovation out the window, but people will change their phone every year regardless.

        1. ^they are buggin.

          my 12 pro max can last at least 3 more years.
          i feel like people just replace because of a camera tbh.
          most people don’t use their phones “smartly”.
          it’s just to text,
          take selfies,
          post on social media,
          and make sex videos.

  2. Obviously Apple knows what they’re doing. I think the target audience for the annual phone updates are the folks who stayed down in their 30-36 month commitments with the cell phone companies and now incentivized to upgrade. That said, people in XR and XS Max and older are the targets and we’re impressed by the 13 because there have been so many changes to the iPhone in 3 years. So I do not think iPhone 12 users should be impressed. Anyone with a 12 looking to upgrade are just super fans who Apple will always have a hard time to impress since removing the days of button and introducing Face ID especially since many of the updates come with the iOs refreshes (for all phones) we’re all spoiled by.

  3. I didn’t get an iphone because back in the day they didnt do you tube and flash sites Total deal breaker I know eventually they had a you tube app but it was too late Was thinking of getting one recently but after hearing how they will scan photos gor child pornography and how pricey they are Na Im good with my android Not to say that google isn’t doing foul stuff either

  4. Apple products used to be the Cadillac of the industry. Once the iPhone came along they started to get stagnant in their creativity. The iPhone accounts for more than 90% of their profits…and that should be scary to them. There will come a day when folks won’t want to upgrade immediately to the newest model just to say they have it, especially if the specs don’t change much with each release. They pretty much have the game on lock right now, but if they don’t step up the game and get more creative with their products…they will be in trouble. Steve Jobs is probably turning over in his grave at the lack of innovation coming from his company.

  5. I think I’m about to take the leap and get an iPhone 13 pro max. I have only ever used android phones mostly the Samsung notes but since they won’t come out with a new one until 2022 it gives me the opportunity to try something new. I am a bit nervous seeing how the new iPhone don’t have a figure print reader and only use face ID during a pandemic with face mask and foggy glasses. At worst I’ll use it for a year and switch back, but it will give me a chance to try this apple ecosystem that everyone raves about. Any suggestions on possible apps and accessories to look for?

    1. ^welcome!

      one of my home-vixens left android and came over to apple.
      she had the same fears as you,
      but she is so happy with her switch.

      as far as apps,
      i will say make sure you have a good case and screen protector.
      amazon has many for cheaper.
      i use so many apps that help my every day so it’s hard to suggest one.

      what kind of apps are you looking for?

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