did aaliyah really stand a chance against r. kelly?

^and those were matching mickey mouse hoodies.
he brought disney into his filth.
one thing i hate is r. kelly has hit foot in every-fuckin-thing.

all of my favorite r&b 90s songs were all touched by his dumb ass.
i have been doing a good job with banishing him tho.
thank God i couldn’t get into aaliyah’s first album.
i like to imagine that is a demo and her real first album was her second.
as the details about aaliyah and r. kelly’s relationship comes out in his trial,
i am placing blame on so many adults around her.
how did this even happen via his ex background dancer’s testimony

A former backup dancer/singer for Kelly gave an eerily similar account during an interview featured in the Lifetime docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly.’

As R. Kelly’s criminal case continues in Brooklyn, New York, more is being revealed by witnesses who say they saw firsthand the disgraced R&B singer’s relationship with Aaliyah.

A witness previously referred to as Jane Doe took the stand on Monday and says she caught Kelly giving Aaliyah oral sex on the back of a tour bus in the early 90s, per The Huff Post.

The witness, who identified herself as just “Angela,” is the 10th witness to testify. She told the court that she worked as a background dancer for Kelly. She claims that she and another woman were playing a pranking game while on tour. At some point, they decided to prank Kelly. Angela claimed she “slightly opened the door and saw Robert and Aaliyah in a sexual situation.”

According to Angela, Kelly’s head was between Aaliyah’s legs while he was on his knees. Aaliyah was underaged at the time of the alleged incident.

Additionally, Angela says she too began a sexual relationship with Kelly when she was just 14-years-old. Per her testimony, Kelly’s sexual relationship with Aaliyah began when Aaliyah was just 13-years-old.

 aaliyah’s parents allege they were always with her during her time with r. kelly.
if the testimony above is true,
they must have been taking a nap during that moment.
they must have been taking another nap during this alleged moment as well:

that one song where he said “lil aaliyah as got it” was so gross.

How did people miss this shit in the 90s?

it was like hiding in plain sight it seemed.
social media would have cooked his ass if this happened in this era.
i feel like aaliyah was sexualized at such a young age.
remember when she said at 10 her own mother said she had sex appeal?
it starts at @4:11:

this is when she said she was hot at 10:


i’m gonna font what i feel when it came to r. kelly.
this opinion could just be in my head but…

I feel like many parents sold their children off to R. Kelly in hopes of stardom.

i’m not accusing aaliyah’s parents of doing this,
but i feel some of the other parents may have turned the other cheek.
some of them kinda alluded to it during the “surviving r. kelly” documentary.
this is not a strange thing in families tbh,
especially in black families.
many kids have been molested by “the uncle” or “the cousin”,
even by “the aunt”,
but it was swept under the rug.

R. Kelly was a predator and knew how to get these victims away from their parents and legal guardians.

the guilt might be eating up many of these parents and guardians tbh.

i hope that aaliyah found peace with all that happened with r. kelly.
she was very young and confused all of that for “love”.


in turn,
i hope he never finds peace and suffers for all he put those girls through.

lowkey: i’ll never forget the excuses the r. kelly stans when those tapes leaked.
“those girls were acting grown.”
“they were being fast and this is not his fault.”
i had all the smoke for r. kelly and couldn’t believe many were excusing his behavior.
all of those folk’s opinions changed once he was exposed.

article cc: yahoo news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “did aaliyah really stand a chance against r. kelly?”

  1. R kelly bought then girls and they greedy mommas allowed it period I’m over it love his music I’ll play it forever he will get off just watch”

  2. I feel so bad for her and all those girls who parents sold them for a check and some notoriety. How disgusting and vile that so many people were complicit and said nothing?!? So many lives ruined because of it. The more we hear the more I’m in disbelief over the whole ordeal. I really hope they throw the book at that bastard. R Kelly needs his dick chopped off Lorena Bobbit style.

  3. The John Does (male victims) that testified seemed compelling, and were referenced in the testimony from the Jane Does. I think both of the dudes also had to come forward because they were caught up for other crimes related to the case (theft and intimidation). Like the ladies there probably more victims out there that are too embarrassed to come forward. If and when they introduce the videos from R’s iPad it will be a wrap. Every girl and guy talked about him filming on his iPad. Game Over.

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