nicki minaj is gonna stand by that man and her vaccination status

everyone has something to say or font about nicki minaj today.
it isn’t about new music which no one seems to care about.
besides the barbs.
as of right now,
it’s a “city girls/megan/doja” forest.
that doesn’t mean nicki is done.
it just means she is resting atm.
right now,
everyone is going off about her recent anti-vax chat.

( x read more about it here )

and her tweets about joy ann reid:

( x and her beef with joy ann reid )
a topic that will have everyone in a tizzy.
it could be all to distract the audience from…

for the life of me,
i don’t know why she married this jackal.
nothing good,
besides an adorable baby,
has been brought to her life by being associated with him.
in my head,
i feel like…

She has to create controversy to distract from all his mess.

not only that,
she has to keep her name in the news.
bad press is ultimately good press.
i still believe she is playing the villain since that is the role being given to her.
i want to know what her end game is tho?
 if she ends up dropping that jackal she married,
she can play the victim and make a good break-up album.
it would be good content for a comeback.
this could be her master plan all along.
as of right now:

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “nicki minaj is gonna stand by that man and her vaccination status”

  1. People can say what they want about Nicki but like Beyonce she’s a smart businesswoman. Her actions more often than not have a purpose that you will eventually see. As for her post about her cousin in Trinidad, you have to take into account the brand they got down there. I have several friends in Trinidad in various fields and levels of society and they’ve all been hesitant about it (given again the brand that was received that later did prove to have adverse side effects). I’m not saying don’t get it (I did myself), I’m simply saying I agree with doing your research (albeit expeditiously at this point) on what version is best for you. As for the man she married, he is handsome, but I do also think they will end up parting ways at some point; time will tell when.

  2. Out of all of the men on the planet, she married THAT guy. Sagittarius seem to lack common sense. They always go for (insert social outcast for a good reason) Raven, Nicki Minaj. Just ugh.

    I don’t blame her on her hesitance. It wouldn’t be wise to take it and be breastfeeding an infant.

  3. she has been so embarrassing & insufferable as of late. She single handedly ruined her public image by marrying this dude. She is so desperate its tragic

  4. U are a very intuitive guy.. yes, I think she’s trying to distract from the situation with her perv husband..What better way but to use the Vaccine as a kicking ball, she knew what the reaction would be. I actually know Joy Reid as I went to school in Cambridge, as I had a few friends that went to Harvard from the caribbean, they started a group for Caribbean students n she was a periodic visitor.. Very Nice, brilliant aware, NO one that k ows her would consider her a Coon.. IF Minaj was sincere, n SMART n really wanted to do research she has had ample time, so she’s just talking rass BS..she would have been better off keeping her trap shut as they say in Ja.There’s a saying in Js. that the higher the Monkey climbs, is the more she exposes herself, this I bieve is the case with Minaj.

  5. I wouldn’t call myself a “Barb” but I have to give her what she earned. To write your own lyrics, to dominate a industry where most people said she couldn’t do. Its hard for women to get on her level in the music industry without them sucking and fucking their way. Everybody said when Remy Ma was getting out she was going to dominate, where is Remy now? Nothing stopping her. Then came Cardi. Cardi is another businesswoman doing what Nicki did behind the scenes. Yet she not on top either. All the competition out that was supposed to dominate Nicki is out… but nothing. Give her what she earned. When you get to a point in your career when you can be compared to Beyoncé and Rihanna at the same time, that says a lot.

    As far as a her husband, I’m not judging that woman. If he wasn’t in trouble for whatever it is, wouldn’t nobody say anything about him. She is risking her career to be loyal to her husband and that takes a lot of strength for a woman to do that. You can see she is scared but she being strong so cut her some slack. All of us have felt the same way about these shots even after getting it. We all had that moment, “did I get the right thing”. She got a baby and if something happens to her, what’s going to happen to her baby? Her son can’t be with his father. One thing, I know ain’t nobody talking about him messing with underage anything when some of us voluntarily will sleep with a underage boy because he got grown man features; mind, body and a dick built FORD tough or a ass with a sex toy tight hole. He may not be R. Kelly but let GOD decide his fate. Leave the Petty’s alone. You don’t have to deal with that when you wake up so why judge him.

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