so i didn’t watch the 2021 mtv video music awards but…

 i’ll be 100 with the foxhole.

I did not watch the MTV Video Music Awards

i didn’t want to sit through that whole thing for only 3 acts.
i ended up getting wrapped up with “nine perfect strangers” on hulu.
i was getting wrapped up with man boy aka melvin gregg in the show too.

i know.
i know.
i did watch the three performances i wanted to watch on youtube.

Lil Nas X

and i will font



Lil Nas X

i’m inclined to say i enjoyed lil nas x the most tbh.
normani comes in a very close second for that amazing choreography,
along with the nod to janet,
but i’m kinda neutral on chloe.
i didn’t love or hate it.
it was a cute performance.
it felt like someone trying to emulate beyonce tbh.
was it a halloween themed performance?

i was confused.
either way,
i’m glad to see black gen z acts,
one who is openly gay and getting so much support,
paving the way for this current state of music.
i hope all their albums make an impact.

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11 thoughts on “so i didn’t watch the 2021 mtv video music awards but…”

  1. Chileeeeee I too am watching Nine Perfect Strangers and the way Melvin Gregg be having me feel…god bless 🙏🙏🙏 Definitely about to become my new Celeb crush 😍 I started watching the awards, but then switched to The Walking Dead like ten minutes in 😂😂😂😂 These awards shows just don’t give what they used to give. At least to me.

    1. ^he is so sexy ugh.

      tall and that eye contact >
      the award shows seem to get worse and worse.
      i wanted to attend this year and i’m glad i didn’t get the tickets tbh

      1. It be the looks he be giving for me 🙌 You know some guys who can literally LOOK you out of your clothes…boy that’s him 😂😂😂 And my home girl wanted to attend this year as well. She made the wise decision not to it seems lmao. I did enjoy watching Normani and Chloe’s performances a lot though. All the props to them 👏👏👏

  2. I enjoyed all three performances and I really enjoyed Alicia Keys and Swae Lee. I love that kind of chill music so I’ve been banging it ever since. I’m super happy that Doja Cat, Normani and Chloe are getting their shine as well. Lil Nas X made me smile. Seeing a dark skin Black gay male accept video of the year for VMAS really made me feel good. Awesome night for the culture. I was turnt up for Busta too

  3. I’m always here for Busta, where is his vanguard award MTV??? they played him smh. I love Alicias new song but I don’t want her to ruin it with her off key live vocals so I skipped the performance.

    I’m not the audience for Lil Nas X but it’s great seeing a gay black man winning. I really hope his foolishness does pave the way for legitimate gay black talent to run the game. Do it for Sylvester, Luther, Tevin and every other black gay that had to hide, be underground or have their careers snatched from them. I would love to see him honor his forefathers.

    Chloe was doing too much with the whole witchcraft mess. I’m over her already smdh. I simply cannot! Normani was hands down the victor, she gave me everything I needed! I can’t wait to see how she develops. I watched everything I wanted to see on YouTube and will continue to do so until MTV gets their shit together or I ultimately age out which the latter is fast approaching.

    1. Chloe was doing too much with the whole witchcraft mess.

      Well, the video was supposed to be her being Medusa, hence turning that guy to stone, but her name in fire seemed off to me. It didn’t go with the performance. Her identity seems to be cosplaying as people she admires and not herself.

      Jack Harlow was a bore to me, he doesn’t fit the song at all. I wish LNX performed more of Montero.

      Normani would’ve been a 10/10 if she’d sang live. I get she was doing heavy choreo, but I’d rather hear you out of breath than autotuned mess. She needs to start singing while jogging a mile like Beyonce did. She needs to come better than that.

      I hope they all find themselves. Your first album is more the label trying to make you “the next ___” Hopefully with their 2nd body of work, they get more creative control.

      1. I understand what Chloe was doing but it’s not necessary especially when this is honestly the first time people are paying attention to her. No shade but only a few people cared about her sister act no matter how hard Beyoncé shoved them down our throats. She can twerk and show off that beautiful ass all she wants but come with something creative not shock value. I’m over that mentality.

        Normani isn’t that kind of act that you are going to be getting live vocals from. If you are a dancer first then a singer then I expect you to go to the Janet & Michael playbook and re-record a live vocal for performances. If Normani was doing a ballad or something that requires vocals then yes give it otherwise she understood her assignment and I give her B+.

        I really hope the industry and their audiences are kind to these women and allow them the grace to develop into the stars of tomorrow.

  4. I don’t know who that guy is but he fits my current crushes. Lean and unassuming. I used to be into dudes built like The Rock, but they are usually shady, shallow bottoms. I find people who don’t devote that much time to their body, have better personalities and that’s what gets my juices flowing.

  5. Chloe’s performance looked like a glorified strip tease to me. She is talented but she forces the “sexy” act WAY too much. I caught myself as a 24 year old (who is also Gen Z) feeling uncomfortable while watching her performance.

  6. I feel that the Current Recording Industry , State of females imagery and MTV all encouraged Hyper -Sexually charged performances. Especially for Chole.

    Also everyone knew lil Nas X was gonna be on here and lately he has been stealing all the press and media coverage. I was thinking what is this gurl gonna do to top her BET Kiss ?

    C’mon now.. One of the Biggest songs was “WAP” a song about Wet , A– ,P—-y????

    Its a sign of the times.

  7. Chloe definitely made her mama Beyoncé proud. That was a Bey performance if anything. If Bey wanted to retire, Chloe and Normani are definitely ready performance wise.

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