carlee russell’s parents, sans carlee russell, do an interview

so we are still gonna pretend like…?
okay cool,
i mean we got all the time in the forests.
so carlee russell’s parents decided to sit down with “the today show”.
not carlee herself.
she came in written form.
her parents broke their silence for her on what happened and…

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if you treated them like their ex, they would laid out the red carpet for you (life)

i’ve been thinking a lot about my life as of late.
where i went wrong with the jackals that i thought were in my corner.
it’s a real eye-opener when you wake up from the slumber of stupidity.
the more i apologized for reacting to their bad behavior,
the more it was used against me.

you think to yourself:

If I knew then,
what I knew now,
I would have had insert person here wrapped around my entire finger.”

many of those kind of people were doormats to bigger demons than them.
they met their match with someone else who didn’t tolerate their shit.
this following tweet really spoke to me today…

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did aaliyah really stand a chance against r. kelly?

^and those were matching mickey mouse hoodies.
he brought disney into his filth.
one thing i hate is r. kelly has hit foot in every-fuckin-thing.

all of my favorite r&b 90s songs were all touched by his dumb ass.
i have been doing a good job with banishing him tho.
thank God i couldn’t get into aaliyah’s first album.
i like to imagine that is a demo and her real first album was her second.
as the details about aaliyah and r. kelly’s relationship comes out in his trial,
i am placing blame on so many adults around her.
how did this even happen via his ex background dancer’s testimony

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people are dying left and right this year (un-happy holidays)


This has been a tough upcoming holiday season.

2019 has been the pits.
it seems many people are losing folks left and right.
in the last week

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when your parents are drug addicts

i’m thankful i didn’t grow up with parents addicted to drugs.
that was one of the blessings i am highly grateful for.
being that i lived in the hood most of my life,
i’ve seen my fair share of drug addicted parents.
it’s always heartbreaking when you see them with young kids.
the following video left me in my feelings today.
it’s two parents high outta their mind,
on the bus in new jersey,
with their very observant young one

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you’re abusive because of your mother and father

we are really abusive and you don’t even realize it.
this current dragging and ghosting culture is a high key sign.
another sign is how we treat others we claim we love.
even if the person is good to us,
or are our biggest cheerleaders,
we will turn around and treat them like stink trash.
that “love” word can be so dangerous in the wrong hands.
it isn’t until they leave,
or they drop dead,
that we recognize their worth and realize just how trash we really are.

Are some of us low-key psychopaths out here?

so i was talking to one of my older cousins on my mother’s side last night…

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