if you treated them like their ex, they would laid out the red carpet for you (life)

i’ve been thinking a lot about my life as of late.
where i went wrong with the jackals that i thought were in my corner.
it’s a real eye-opener when you wake up from the slumber of stupidity.
the more i apologized for reacting to their bad behavior,
the more it was used against me.

you think to yourself:

If I knew then,
what I knew now,
I would have had insert person here wrapped around my entire finger.”

many of those kind of people were doormats to bigger demons than them.
they met their match with someone else who didn’t tolerate their shit.
this following tweet really spoke to me today…


The biggest assholes and demons are pussies to someone else.

Your ex/crush treated you like shit,
but their ex literally used them as a mop.
That same ex calls and they’ll be like a moth to a flame.

Your boss is a demon to you,
abuses you on a daily basis,
but their boss literally breaks them down like a cardboard box.

You wanted their friendship but they put you through hell to get it.
When you look at their friendships,
they are constantly trying to impress folks who talk mad shit about them.

Your parents abused you because their parents abused them.

Your siblings are hot ass messes but they are coddled yet you aren’t.

Bonus: gays who treat other gays like shit,
but will allow a straight male of their fantasies to do whatever.
You see how some of these gay folks will pay stacks to see some dork naked.

i’ve always wondered why this was when it came to other people.
work wolf was a doormat to others he wanted to impress.
he didn’t think about ghosting and treating them like dog shit.
same with all the others i really liked or wanted their friendship.
i figured it out tho:

A – I didn’t speak the language called “abuse” that all these people understood

B –  I shouldn’t have dumb myself down in order to impress them

C – They weren’t these strong people they portrayed themselves to be.
I didn’t portray myself as strong so I was a mirror to all they hated about themselves


I want you to really pay attention to that shit.

pay attention to those with the biggest mouths and attitudes.
they are someone else’s bitch.
the moment someone tests you,
you need to dig into their whole ass.

i don’t care how cute they are,
how fit they are,
or how rich they are,
you will not tolerate disrespect PERIOD.
inflict the same chaos in their lives by letting them know you aren’t the one.
the moment you let bad behavior slide with anyone,
it’s game over.

lowkey: it’s emotional warfare out here.
you gotta stay strapped.

2 thoughts on “if you treated them like their ex, they would laid out the red carpet for you (life)

  1. Very true. Once you allow it then best believe it WILL CONTINUE. People treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated! Know when to move TF on when you see the red flags!

    1. Amen to that. Curb that shyt the moment it happens! You will save yourself some headaches.
      One thing I will not do is allow anyone to disrespect me and/or use me. I learned my lesson in the past and it will never happen again. If I find you toxic, or you bring no value to our relationship/friendship…I will keep you at arms length. People will say what they think you want to hear, but actions speak louder than words.

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