brittany renner might be on the top attentionista list these days

i’m so tired of some of ya’ll giving the worst kind of attentionistos a platform.
all they gotta do is flash a titty,
have an onlyfans,
or slash someone’s neck open,
and they become the heroes of the forests.
brittany renter,
is one of those vixens to me.
all i know of her is her past weird-ass videos and writing a book about her sex life.
i thought once she had a kid that she was changing.
she had a big interview with akademiks on his podcast,
off the record“,
but when he had to break down what a side chick (she) was

i love how stun-locked she was when he legit told her she was a sidekick.
ill be 100:

She is so off to me.

when she does stunts like this:

i find it hard to take her seriously.
she just reeks of doing anything for attention.
i thought she changed when she had a kid with that young nba baller wolf tbh:

i always font ya’ll to not trust these pictures on socials.

Some folks can keep the mask on for so long.

like the ones before her,
she should just open up an onlyfans and call it a day.
here is more from the interview with akademiks:

and the entire “off the record” podcast on spotify:

i don’t mind the age difference.
she was 6 years older than him and it’s not like he wasn’t of age.
she wanted some young dick and she was getting it.
to have a kid with her tho <
it kinda shows she can’t bag someone older and more mature tbh.
i think she starts to become too much after a while.

you know those types that are great “until“.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “brittany renner might be on the top attentionista list these days”

  1. Deion Sanders ain’t going. I’m pretty sure he told his players to curve her or they gon end up off his team. Its bad enough a NFL player is coaching a college team, with him and Eddie George coaching HBCU football, no other school have a chance. Thats a straight shot into the NFL. Love the boom but she definitely went to the right place if she was looking for dick, she got the football team, the band, and the greeks. I’m sure she got what she wanted but they too smart for that trap shit.

  2. Okay so Brittany maybe a lot, but let’s not act like she wasn’t spitting SOME FACTS!!


    It’s amazing how the men (black men) on Twitter all of a sudden know what grooming is, but when it comes to another man they’re quiet and when it came to R. Kelly “it was the parent’s fault) 🙄

  3. DJ Akademiks pretty much told her that she ran out of options because most ballers or rappers know that she is industry pussy and has been passed around. Straight men have fragile egos so the last thing many of them want to do is get with somebody who’s been fucked by all of their contemporaries

    PJ Washington was her meal ticket.

    1. I don’t know…because it seems like these guys LOVE these industry hoes and skrippers, I mean exotic dancers. These players stay running after these Kardashian chicks like they striking gold, that Jordan/Jordyn chick who is now with Karl Anthony Townes, was with a few players. I’m sure there are more…the names just escape me right now. Lol

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