i am proud to be white

i was telling a friend i think white gen z and (some) millennials are different.
they’ve realized what some of their past demons have done in their past (and present).
it seems like many of them are trying to be allies to us.
one of my vix-bi sent me the following video and i thought it was interesting.
it started with someone telling white people to say:

“I am proud to be white.”

and well…


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the one with the dress is giving me “future karen” vibes:

this was an interesting discussion tho.
it was eye-opening to see white people even having this discussion tbh.
what a time to be alive?
it made me wonder:

Can white people say they’re proud to be white?

when someone like trump proclaims that he is proud to be white,
especially with his past campaign and the types of jackals it attracted,
it wouldn’t come off well at all.
as the white wolf said:

The Nazis said they were proud to be white
The KKK say they are proud to be white
The Proud Boys say they are proud to be white

… and so on.

another reason it comes off as problematic is white folks have the privilege.
i don’t care what anyone tells me,
white gays,
poor white folks,
and “white women in distress”
have the same privilege as well.

Black gays,
poor blacks,
and black women will never have that same luxury.

so when white people proclaim such a statement,
it means they acknowledge their privilege above other races.
some have used their privilege to get ahead and over on others.
when we say we are proud of being black (and gay),
it’s because of all we have been through and accomplished.

because of the oppression we faced,
and continue to face,

we have evolved into a very strong and resilient community of proud people.

Am I wrong?

lowkey: one of my biggest issues with some white people is they don’t think.
they say the dumbest shit and wonder why people are offended.
i’ll never forget a past white friend telling me he basically uses his privilege when he gets pulled over.
it was around the time black people were getting killed being pulled over.
read the fuckin’ room sir.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “i am proud to be white”

  1. The redhead guy nailed it perfectly with his explanation. I like videos such as this because it allows for honest dialogue.

  2. We as black people say all the time “WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS” soooo why should white people be withered with guilt over what their ancestors did?

    1. We are still living with systems of oppression and conditions that are unequal as a result of racial bias. When a black person makes it out of the hood his ancestors were redlined and discriminated into it’s a momentous occasion and we should be proud. When a white person from the suburbs do everything that’s lined up for them, why be proud they overcome any inhibitions.
      Saying we are not our ancestors ignores 2 things. The racism we still face today and the inequality that was passed down as a result white people excluding black people from prosperity.

      1. They can also say that they are proud to British or Irish or Swedish. We cannot because that knowledge of exactly where we come from was stripped away by them. White people saying they are proud to be white is nothing to do with heritage, it’s about power

    2. I am 59 years old and have never heard that expression. Why should whites feel guilty because they absolutely are. The privilege they expect just because they’re white. Saying and doing thing in your face than looking stupid when you call them on that dumb shit, like that expression you just made up.

  3. I think what was not being said was that saying you’re “proud to be black” vs saying you’re “proud to be white’ have very different connotations. When we say we’re proud to be black, we are saying that despite everything this white supremacist country throws and has thrown at us, we grateful for happiness, health, and the ability to LITERALLY breathe. When we say we are happy to be black, we are saying that we love our skin, our culture, our blackness despite the eurocentric standards of beauty and acceptability that bombard us daily, tell us not to. When we say we are proud to be black, we’re saying that we are our ancestors wettest, wildest dream so we turn up for them. Being proud to be white has no intrinsic value. Being proud to be white is like saying your proud to be born rich. The privilege and access that being white affords you, required nothing from you but being born of white people. There was no struggle, no path to freedom, no rich, unique culture to draw from. We live in a racist, white supremacist society so saying you’re proud to be white, means you’re also proud of all the oppression, hatred, and systematic racism that afforded your race the life youre so proud in the first place. So, when they say they’re proud to be white, I wish the’d just stand up in their truth instead of pretending there’s some deep societal value in being white that extends beyond skin color.

  4. Modern science is debating on what race truly is, I understand why someone would be proud to be black because of the oppression and the fight against it but I find it odd to be proud of being white when really black, white, yellow and all these other classifications don’t do much but to really place people in a heirarchy.

    An Ethiopian has a very different culture to a Senegalese but they are both considered black, why? They don’t share the same features, culture, or language so why are they both considered black? Why is their a need to classify a mediternean or very light skin Latin person a “spicy white”? Why do Balkans look so different from Celts? I just don’t have the expertise to really get into this because I haven’t ever studied it but these are questions I have. And that is why I feel a White being proud to be white is kind of tricky since first a decicion needs to be made on what is White.

    1. Such a great. An Ethiopian looks different from a South Sudanese, who looks different from a Ghanaian. Then there are the San lol. Yet all of these people get thrown together can called black. It’s so arbitrary; yet, it’s so consequential because it forms the basis of their oppression.

    2. This “race is a construct” idea is so ridiculous.

      Why do Asians have a certain reaction to alcohol?
      Why is anemia so prevalent in African-Americans?

      And it goes on. This “We are all the same” BS is what people who are unimpressive do to make themselves feel better about being average.

      If race is such a construct, why is every other ethnicity a mutation of African genes? Why are white “royalty” so intent on being pureblood, but look funky and incestuous and exhibit the inbred genes phenotypically?

      The whole point of gene mixing is to not have stagnant, redundant genes.

      There’s a reason Africans look so effing good. People mock us with “we was kangs” yet we are the first to be experimented on. Why? Because we were the first.

      1. Hehe I almost don’t have the heart to tell you that your rant is kind of racist in and of itself. Like, maybe reread what you wrote?

        1. white ppl always wanna cry racism everytime their wrong. what are u proud of when u say ur proud to be white …ur proud of 400 years of slavery and all the things yall did to us the rape the mass murder and police brutaliy all white ppl commited those crimes u never see a black person commit crimes on white ppl becuz their yt . WHAT ARE YOU PROUD OF?!?!?!?!

      2. People don’t mock most Black people with “we was kangs” but they obviously mock you though because you really sound dumb… I did not say “we are all the same”, I said that race is too big of an umbrella.

        African-American is a ethnic group not a race which is my point, you won’t have the same genetic predispositions as an Ethiopian if you are Senegalese because you most likely belong to different ethnic groups.

        What about skin cancer? You would be right to say that White people are at higher risk but that doesn’t mention that a Nordic person may have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than a Mediterranean. Now, their are also Mediterenean people who are desendents of Celts in Spain and Portugal in the North and North West, would you say they are just as likely to develop skin cancer as those in the south whom may have some North African blood? There are multiple ethnic groups in one country which makes it even more complex.

        My real point is that maybe “the police don’t see a difference” but a molecular anthropologist may, which is why I find being proud to be ‘White’ a little suspect. Some ethnic groups can share similarities but that doesn’t mean they are the same because they are classified in the same race, and that can differ in each culture. In the US, saying Asian will bring up a picture of an East Asian but in the UK it may bring up a picture of a South Asian.

        Now you can throw as much shade as you want and say Black people look better, and white people look funky and incestuous or “exhibit the inbred genes”. But we all know that is coming from hurt, and I can honestly say tthat when you get therapy to deal with all your demons so you can actually be serious in these discussions, you will not be laughed out the room with “we was kangs” jokes.

  5. LMFAOOOOOOOO I’m sorry I cannot. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if The Matrix actually exists because how is this life lmao. Imma need everybody to get it together. I guess next will be “White Lives Matter”, I’m calling it. Shoutout to the snow bunny for understanding what it means when black people say they’re proud to be black and how it differentiates from…whatever proud to be white is supposed to mean. Also huge shoutout to the redhaired white wolf (lowkey kind of a cutie what’s his insta 😂😂😂) for speaking 100% facts and sense. Like this country was literally made for white people specifically in order for them to thrive and make it to the top and stay on top. Don’t get it. From stealing the country, to slavery, to murders and killings stemming from racism, to assassinating civil rights leaders striving for peace for all ala the great MLK…the list goes on. And I agree with Mari too the girl in the dress is definitely a future Karen 😂😂😂. Sis already think she being attacked lmaoooo.

  6. If white people are so proud of being white, why are they so desperate to join spaces that are not for them?

    They gaslighted Black people into thinking our skin and features were ugly, when they age terribly and have weak bone structure.

    They get praised for the bare minimum (look who is considered pop royalty, Madonna and Britney Spears). They created King Kong based on the athletic excellence of the boxer, Jack Johnson. White people were so pressed, they came up with eugenics (the idea of racial superiority based on fake science)

    White people will forever be threatened and pressed by actual greatness which is why I don’t argue with them.

    I have too many in my DMs trying to make themselves acceptable. Doesn’t feel good to not be first choice when it comes to this Black man, huh? Deal with it. There’s some coon somewhere desperate for your attention.

    1. 100%

      And they get upset when other races won’t have sex with them on apps

      It’s like they want to be the most praised for existing and if you dont praise them, you’re practicing “reverse racism”

      And even to a point they’ve indoctrinated us because I see Black gay men defending colorist and anti black sentiments all the time I saw a post yesterday “it’s not because you’re dark maybe it’s that you’re ugly”

      Even if true white people don’t bash their own in that way.. we do white ppls job for them every day

  7. This is good that they are having this conversation .TIK TOK has allowed the “Critical Race Theory” discussion to exist despite the backlash against it. TIK TOK is also finally being used for something of significance .

    I think there will always be Good /Bad – Smart/Dumb – Accepting /Racist people. Time will tell.

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