i am proud to be white

i was telling a friend i think white gen z and (some) millennials are different.
they’ve realized what some of their past demons have done in their past (and present).
it seems like many of them are trying to be allies to us.
one of my vix-bi sent me the following video and i thought it was interesting.
it started with someone telling white people to say:

“I am proud to be white.”

and well…

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Magic Johnson’s Son Steps Out With His Suit, Tie, Fur, Man, and Red Purse

Magic+Johnson+in+Portofino+-lZV4whCaLZlgoes to show how much i know about magic johnson.
i didn’t even know he had a son.
well his son,
earvin johnson III aka ej,
has made headlines over at tmz with this video…

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WTF Is Going On In Chicago?

every time i turn around,
the news is reporting about all the violent crime there.
are there no police?
are the jails full?
people just not giving a fuck?
what is going on.
nba baller wolf,
derrick rose,
offered to pay for the funeral for her:


this is heartbreaking

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Memoirs of an Invisible Star Fox


i’m so proud of star fox today.
he has come such a long way.
when we first met,
i saw something within him.
it was like he glowed.
he latched onto me really quickly.
i remember when we use to talk about what he wanted in his life.
it always seemed like he was always going through something.
if he was to write a book,
i know it would be a best seller.
star fox is currently working behind the scenes of a video shoot….

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The Foxhole Is About To Have Master Chefs In the Making!

when i tell ya’ll i’m so proud!!!!

okay so everyone knows JAY.
he is one of the most outspoken of the foxhole comment section.
well, he decided to cook the meal i suggested to a fox:

f0xmail: A Wolf Is Coming To My Crib and I Don’t Want To Kill Him!!!! Help!!!

JAY has never cooked before.
tonight was his first time trying something new.
ready to see what it looks like?…

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