WTF Is Going On In Chicago?

every time i turn around,
the news is reporting about all the violent crime there.
are there no police?
are the jails full?
people just not giving a fuck?
what is going on.
nba baller wolf,
derrick rose,
offered to pay for the funeral for her:


this is heartbreaking

Earlier today, Jonylah Watkins, a six month old infant passed away in Chicago. The story behind it all may surprise and disgust you.

Jonylah Watkins and her father Jonathan were sitting in their car in the parking lot of a grocery store yesterday. Jonathan was changing his daughter’s diaper when a vehicle drove by and opened fire on the two of them. Jonylah was struck five times while her father was injured.

Her father Jonathan was said to have gang related activy going on at the time and officials suspect that the murder was “intentional” and “targeted.”

Among all of the people around the community to come forward and offer their financial help and condolences, Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose was one of them. Rose has immediately offered to pay for Jonylah’s entire funeral.

The Chicago Bulls guard may not have been able to make his presence known on the court yet this season, but in doing things like this he is sure making up for it off the court. Rose has always been known for his humility and integrity not only as a player but as a person. This is yet another example of why Chicago is so proud to have him as a part of their city.


it makes no sense.
that poor baby didn’t even begin to experience life yet.
i’m proud of derrick rose for doing that.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “WTF Is Going On In Chicago?”

  1. How sad. Chicago is out of control. I’m proud of Derrick for choosing to pay for the funeral. Speaking of D. Rose, I’m ready for him to come back.

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