travis scott is determined to do the right thing (with his wallet)

the operation,
don’t lose the bag“,
has officially started for travis scott.
he is planning on trying to make it right tho.
i mean,
he better.
he is gonna shell out the coins for the victims from his concert via “tmz“…

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Nicki Minaj Gets An Easy “A”… From Jesus

i want to mention a positive nicki minaj story that happened.
i mention all the dumb shit she does to the foxhole,
but this was actually a really nice and strategic gesture.
don’t look at me like that.
so as you know,
nicki minaj has a ton of fans she calls “barbz”.
well she randomly set up a contest this weekend about their education.
this is what she asked for the barbz to do via twitter
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The State Where All The Sugar Daddies Roam Free

Candy_Sugar_Daddy_Yellow_Babydollwe all like sugar daddies,
don’t we?
currently i’m looking for the best tasting one.
seriously tho,
they just had a poll on the best state to find a sugar daddy.
you will will never believe where…

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WTF Is Going On In Chicago?

every time i turn around,
the news is reporting about all the violent crime there.
are there no police?
are the jails full?
people just not giving a fuck?
what is going on.
nba baller wolf,
derrick rose,
offered to pay for the funeral for her:


this is heartbreaking

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I’ll Give You Throat for 800, but It’ll Cost 1 Stack To Pipe Me. Deal?

they say everything in life has a price tag.
to get premium quality, we must pay for it.
you cannot walk into LV and ask to get one of their products for free.
just on the strength that you carrying it brings promotion for their store.
you will probably have a boot print on your ass.

you have to pay.
does that same thing apply to humans in this lifestyle?
you go online and the wolf of your dreams has a price tag attached to his dick.
these older foxes are even paying younger wolves for dick + companionship.
don’t even think about getting high in your career.
more than likely, wolves will be attracted to you for your connections/wallet.
i often wondered if we are always paying for something?
just like how we demand dinner, a movie, and a ride in a maybach.
are wolves now demanding a payment for pipe?

I started to wonder…

Do we usually have to pay in some way for someone we are attracted to?

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