I’ll Give You Throat for 800, but It’ll Cost 1 Stack To Pipe Me. Deal?

they say everything in life has a price tag.
to get premium quality, we must pay for it.
you cannot walk into LV and ask to get one of their products for free.
just on the strength that you carrying it brings promotion for their store.
you will probably have a boot print on your ass.

you have to pay.
does that same thing apply to humans in this lifestyle?
you go online and the wolf of your dreams has a price tag attached to his dick.
these older foxes are even paying younger wolves for dick + companionship.
don’t even think about getting high in your career.
more than likely, wolves will be attracted to you for your connections/wallet.
i often wondered if we are always paying for something?
just like how we demand dinner, a movie, and a ride in a maybach.
are wolves now demanding a payment for pipe?

I started to wonder…

Do we usually have to pay in some way for someone we are attracted to?

star fox and i were having our usual conversation last night
we were catching up on various things,
when he reminded me about the time he nearly paid a stripper for sex….
yes, he went there.
this had to be about a year ago, before he moved down south.
we had gone to the club on a “it’s my birthday/yay!” type of thing.
i don’t do the club scene, but for him i said, “why not?“.
the club was full of dusty,
but this fine ass stripper caught his/our eye.
since it was his birthday,
i walked over to the stripper and paid him some money for a lap dance.
who knew that the stripper would low-key turn him out on that chair.
he told me after that the stripper whispered in star fox’s ear “for your birthday: 250“.
the wolf of your dreams wants to bang your back out
but for two hundred and fifty dollars?
nothing happened.
star fox had no money on him,
but he said he would have paid him for the chance to get banged out by his fantasy.

it made me wonder about our fantasies and the price of having them.
even for foxes, are we on an automatic payment plan?
for this potential amazing dick we could get,
we have to give up something in some way?
whether it is our wallets or our common sense.
if you were to see a devin thomas/emmanuel sanders look alike,
and they would give you the goods for a small fee,
would you pay to get some pipe for the night?
even though you maybe attractive and want a chase.
on one side, it makes you feel desperate.
“why am i paying you?”
but on another side,
you get whatever you want after you slide your credit card down their cheeks and it says:


it is easy to go online and find a “fantasy“,
but sometimes those fantasies are not into what you are into.
they may not be attracted to you.
or, they maybe just looking for a big pay off since they know they look good.
the terrible economy went from casual dating to up front escorting.
so i had to ask…

How much are you willing to pay for your fantasy?

17 thoughts on “I’ll Give You Throat for 800, but It’ll Cost 1 Stack To Pipe Me. Deal?

  1. I like my sex uncomplicated….I tell the person what i want done, how I want it done.
    It’s all about me. I don’t care what the other persons get out of it.

    I also like the ones not easily available. I like the challenge and the chase.

    Even in my late teens, i would ignore gay guys attracted to me and would chase the guys not in the lifestyle, those with baby mamas…etc.

    I like the feeling of control one gets when one pays for it…no matter how measly the pay.

    I like visiting third world countries and use my dollars to get men to do things they usually probably would not do if they had the monetary means.

    I am a white collar professional, but prefer sex from laborers. I like the contrast.

    All day in the job, i am telling people what to do…….it’is a turn on to be servicing a barely educated thug.

    To me, sex is all about power. The power of their looks…of their reluctance…of their financial condition….versus the power of my money.

  2. Pay for sex? It could never go down like that……I think our nutt is your payment…you got off, you got ME off….we’re good. I see the hustlers on A4a and all I can think is, “You parents must be proud”, lol. For those who feel they have to pay, more power to ya. As long as I have hands that work, stack of porn and pics….NEVER.

  3. Jamari I swear me and you are >>>>here<<<<.

    I've been noticing its becoming quite common for attractive dudes to now put "No ugly unless you're spoiling me" or "No fats unless you're paying what you weigh." in the profiles. Maybe I'm judging, but statements like that speak volumes about someone's character.

    I couldn't do it. My pride wouldn't let me pay 5$ for sex. I mean it's not like its exclusive shit. You could be giving it away all over town for all I know.

    You can pay a good 85% of these strippers for some sex though. That profession is a slippery slope in itself.

    $250 for sex though? I just need 15 minutes. What can I get for that? Lol

    1. Right it all depends on how you look nowdays. If you look bad you have to make up for it by giving good head and sex. If you’re fat you have to pay more money, it’s very sad how people think nowdays. Even though I said wouldn’t do it depending on the person. I may actually have to rethink that because if I have to pay somebody I’m interested in that means they aren’t interested in me anyway and I’m just wasting my time and possibly my money lusting after them.

      Anybody is crazy to pay $250 for sex, but I’m sure celebrities have paid much more than that amount just for one night. People don’t believe that celebs actually pay for sex because they are high profile, but the truth is they can’t get anybody they want.

      1. Celebrities are different though. Like Iceed & I said, they’re really paying for the discretion moreso the sex…or they should be. Of course, n*ggas start fuggin chickenheads & wondering why their pictures & info get splashed all over MTO and the like. When you’re a high-roller, you’re paying for people to keep their mouth shut.

        Hey, if some rich dude/vixen wanted me to be their kept wolf…my pride says no, but I might go for it lol

  4. I think we pay either directly or indirectly in one way or other. If I was a baller wolf with long paper, I would not think it was nothing wrong with doing a little business transaction for some fox/vixen tail, seems like less headaches at the end of the day. Its like when we take a fox/vixen out and spend a grip, you are kind of expecting a little something in return or the promise that you will get a little something in the not so distant future.

    A couple of years ago, I was kicking it with this dude, who had a little issue with traffic tickets to the tune of $950, I went to court with him, the judge told him either he was going to pay or he was going to be dancing to the jail house rock. I loan him the money and in return when we got home, we went 3 rounds of the best sex I have ever had in life, he really showed his appreciation(smile), he paid me my money back, but I guess he felt obligated to do a little extra because money was involved. So when we like someone and we take them to dinner, movies, out for drinks we are paying and for two people in a major city that could be $300 for a night of fun, about the same cost for a escort who can fulfill the fantasy boy you might crave.

  5. This only happens in extreme cases.

    Either you are really unattractive or have too many communicable diseases OR you are flighty stanking rich and buying discretion.

    Anybody who doesn’t fall in those categories really should not have to buy anything or anyone to get off, unless they just happen like paying to get a nut.

  6. Lol, I’m not paying anyone for sex. Ever.

    For one, I have too much pride and would never want to boost any man’s ego by making him think he’s attractive enough to get my dime based on that alone.

    But two, ass and dick is a dime a dozen and to be perfectly honest, there’s no real difference among men. The average ass is going to feel any better or worse than the ass I’m paying and the same goes for dick.

    1. This is exactly it. I can admit the p-word has fucked me up sometimes but I’m glad for it, cause its always helped me maintain a position of never doing the most to another person’s ego. Alot of these niggas big-headed enough on their own they don’t need my help.

  7. Hmmm. This is tricky for me. Who the person is depends on whether of not I pay them for the night of a lifetime. If it’s a person who I have had a crush on for for quite a while I’ll be ready and willing to pay them, but a bum off the the corner that just happens to look good, no I pass on that. I’ll will only pay if I feel the person is worth a price.

  8. there is this str8/dl/hustler with kids DR Dude im in lust with and he knows it but i wont go there with him…

  9. Not a damn dime!! Cuz what every fox fails to realize is if you put your mind to it you can get dick by the pound!! My mother always said married women are the biggest prostitutes there is! Because when you have a husband he takes care of you on the promise of pussy!

    1. 95% of the time my attitude is how much is it going to cost the baller to have me…..

  10. Why is dude in the top gif holding a newspaper? He could get it tho

    I think it’s different for foxes/hybrids. Azz is not in short supply (well neither is d1ck really…). I’ve been offered money, but it never occurred to me to pay for something I can get fairly easily. I’ve even had kats who were escorts/strippers/etc get w/me for free, so…I guess I’m doing something right lol

    Depending on your economic level tho, it can make sense. If you’re a baller/CEO/executive etc., you’re paying less for sex then for silence & discretion. And in some ways when we take y’all out on dates we’re paying indirectly.

    1. you’re in no rare category. I, likewise many others have been offered money for dick/ass and companionship, it’s common with gay dudes, it’s no biggie since gay dudes offer money to every and anything.. so have escorts and dancers asked me out on dates, want to hang out, wife up etc.. even this kid Rio i just saw in a vid online, he’d asked to hang out with me and I did when he showed me pics he was submitting to flavaworks and he was proud of his escorting he saw it as a hustle .. the money thing should be for a gift not anything special

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