flashman wade shows how much horsepower is in that tail for his stroke resume

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in every onlyfans career of “only showing bawdy“,
the audience can start to get restless.
how many angles can you show your penis or butt cheeks?
“oh look!
they jumped and down wearing sweatpants!
how fun!”
marshall price and gregym have started havin’ sex on their onlyfans.
that is the step up from “look at my bawdy in creative ways“.
it’s now:

“Look at what I can do!”

i haven’t heard about flashman wade in a minute.
i know his onlyfans was “how many angles can i show my cheekage“.
it seems he has started having sex now.
he did a scene with samie duchamp that someone uploaded…

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I Saw The Cutest Thing While Taking A Walk Today…

esanderimposterso this afternoon i went for a walk around the block.
hoody not included.
florida we know how ya’ll do here.
i was in chill mode so it was a wife beater,
slight sag,
and basketball shorts.
im a swimmer’s build fox,
but if the two fat russians sun bathing next door could wear no clothes during their roast…
then hell!
as i was turning the corner,
i saw this business suited wolf coming out his crib.
he was tall,
and looked like a top for my bottom.
triple threat in my book.
from the side profile and build,
it dead ass looked like nfl baller wolf ( x emmanuel sanders ).
well excuse me…

Megan-Fox-GIF-47wolf was getting a black cts-v coupe with 22′ black rims.
major orgasm just by the car.
he was talkin’ on the phone and lounging in his car for minute.
i purposely walked by slowly,
ya know,
catching the breeze and shit.
whoever it is,
im trying to find out if i can ride that stick until its time for me to leave.
i’ll def be trying to find out more on this one.
i didn’t think any black wolves lived in this area.
i guessed wrong!!!

…oh and i saw these baby turtles swimming together in the pond around the corner.

i know!
real cute.

I’ll Have My Dog Bite You On The Balls For Cheating On Me

english-bulldog-puppy-for-salei just had a dream just now that i owned a bulldog.
in my dream all i was doing was giving him a bath.
i could tell from the feelings i was having i loved him tho.
realistically i want pets but i can’t have any in my crib.
i use to be a major cat person,
but lately i’m falling in love with dogs.
when god blesses me with the crib of my dreams,
i want one kind of dog first…

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Breezy Wolf Snatches Aaliyah Away From Drake

Aaliyah+tumblr_lk1686FRTT1qjqdt9o1_500aaliyah is back.
god i’ve missed her.
i thought drake owned the rights to her dead body?
breezy wolf obviously didn’t care anyway.
he has a new song + video called “they don’t know”.
it features none other than the late aaliyah…

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