Steven Beck Has Cute Friends

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.14.54 PMyou know steven beck.
he is like a foxhole “attentionista” legend or something.
i don’t even need to remind you.
anyway steven has some cute friends.
my tumblr alerted me to this.
i want to be like him when i “growz” up…

i want to know all the fine wolves,
and hybrids.
i want to be hashtaggin’ shit like #foxesbelike:

“ridin’ round with my bad team of fine ass foxes yo.
money fox gang up in this set.
100 on the lowkey nigga cause its real.”

don’t you dare judge me.
who am i kidding?
i make better moves alone.
you know my fav b line:
“i’m known to walk alone,
but i’m alone for a reason.” upgrade ya.
anyhoo steven is not singing or modelling anymore.
i know,
boo hoo”.
he is now a:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.28.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.13.29 PMyes.
he’s a certified,
yes certified,
personal trainer.
i’d rather work out another way with him,
but thats neither here nor there.
anyway get your work out on with him today!

funny-gifs-this-is-hypnoticlowkey: even tho mistah beck can be kinda sketch city,
i will say the wolf can dress his ass off.
the swagu is crazy.

follow him on: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Steven Beck Has Cute Friends”

  1. im pretty sure hes a HYBRID, i guess he got a clue and gave up the signing career. You saw his Playgirl pictures right pre bulked

  2. Well my fave b line after looking at these pictures is “Goddamn goddamn GODDAMN!”
    Steven Beck know he fine as hell. Lordt.

    1. I think he is gay or bi. He just recently moved to atl, and he lives in my high rise. He has a lot of gay friends visit him. Well known gay hair stylist, personal stylist, and club promoters.

  3. Finally we see a fine ass man hanging along equally fine ass friends. It’s always odd for me to see only one good looking out of a pack of wolves. Lol

  4. All his friends are bad. I used to be in a circle of friends who were all equally fine when I first came to college. I just knew we were going to wreak havoc on campus, we were straight….oops….they were straight, not me lol. The circle fell apart tho. Jealousy and envy will destroy friendships.

    1. Really? I mean he doesn’t look like the type of guy who can put it down, but small D though lol. Please give us some details. I like me some Steve B.

  5. Any one of you can get that dick or ass if you got a few coins and status he doesn’t CUM free 😉

  6. Oh so he a personal trainer now? With no clients.

    Instagram “trainers” are trash.

    Couch surfing bad credit having pretty boys/gym rats/muscle heads are overrated.

    Anytime someone puts “serious inquries only” in a tag line automatically tells me they aint about shit.

    At some point in life aren’t they tired of having roommates? Using people? Selling their bodies?



  7. And I know about everyone those niggas. especially Santo Same faces at the parties and pride functions

  8. dayum, son, for all those wolves i swear i would venture into hybrid waters. we’d go at it all night long, literally. of course, after i’ve made sure i’ve ordered me some cartons of adult diapers. lmao.

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